Monday, April 12, 2010

Back in the swing of things

We survived enjoyed Spring Break. Lots going on: A birthday for a big 4-year-old boy (including party with other 4-year-olds and the chaos that entails). Outings to parks, library, dinosaur museum, quilt stores, and to visit Dad at work. Watching The Princess and the Frog on DVD multiple times. A wedding most of Saturday. Time spent with friends that we don't see when kids are in school. Whew. Also nice to sleep in a little and read The Help (didn't want to put it down.). It's great to do fun things with the kids, but I sure don't get much done around here. And we go through so much more food! (I'm starting to panic a little about summer vacation.)

So today it has been nice to get back to our routines. This morning I let my boys play in the bath for half an hour while I cleaned the bathroom, changed the sheets, and folded laundry. (During which time they also emptied a bottle of shampoo.)

I'm also trying to get caught up on my etsy stuff. Above are a few projects in the works. Maybe I'll even have it together enough to update this weekend!

And now I'm off to do all the errands I haven't been able to do for two weeks - including re-stock the fridge!!

See you soon, with a way less lame blog post. :)


  1. Oh I love the holidays with the girls at home and friends through the house and all the mess and clatter and unstructured days! But it doesn't half leave the house looking like a jumble sale! Its the amount of bread and jam that is eaten in the holidays which amazes me- I can make two or three loaves a day and only just keep up with the demand!!

  2. I am loving the stacks of fabrics. No idea what they are, but I want to pet them.

  3. Sounds like lots of fun was had!!!

  4. I read The Help a few weeks ago and couldn't put it down. I was an awful mom for the 24 hours it took me to finish it.

    I hope you are cutting some more retro styled I Spy charm packs. I am collecting more squares and want to make a large lap sized quilt. I love the other pack I got from you. Maybe we could trade some fabric?

  5. noooo, not a lame blog post - that pic in the top right hand corner of the mosaic is making me go all twitchy and therefore quite desperate for whatever it is!!!

  6. we are going through all sorts of schedule re-adjusting too. My daughter is back in pre-school after spring break (she didn't want me to leave her today) and my husband has 30 days leave while we prep for baby/move/new job. Good times.

    How do you do those cool collages with your photos?

  7. love having the break, but the getting back into the swing of things is a bit challenging sometimes.
    3 days down...2 to go :)


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