Fabric Cuteness Overload

 Well here it is people.  This is how I get my thrills during Spring Break.
Buying yards of Japanese fabric!  (This is either very thrilling or very pathetic, depending on your own view of fabric buying.)  I bought this at a store in Utah called Pine Needles.  I don’t go there often (which is probably good for my wallet) but when I do, I head straight for their Japanese imports.  They have a great selection and I figure I can buy a little more because of what I save in shipping costs.
This fabric is called Charlotte and is from the Caramel Town collection by Lecien. And I’m very sorry to say PN doesn’t have anymore because I bought the rest of the bolt. (Birthday money and coupon, remember!) It’s a ‘cheater’ print – all the squares are printed on. (See! I’m saving money by not having to piece all those squares!)  I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do with it yet. Something fabulous.  But for now, I’ll just pet it for a bit while I wait for the inspiration to strike.
Also at Pine Needles, I got a few other charming prints to add to the I-spy collection.  All of them are Minny Muu by Lecien except for the toadstools.  They are Chum=Chum Bear (don’t you love that name?) also by Lecien.  I may horde this one.   I only bought little bits of these.
And I was so excited because they had the Flower Sugar roses I’d been looking for ever since Katy suggested them for my Union Jacks! And they are perfect!! (I love that blue in there.) It is a bit odd that I look to Japan for a good, English cabbage-rose/Cath Kidstonish print. But I’ll take it!
And speaking of Flower Sugar (also by Lecien) (of course) when I first went looking for the cabbage-rose stuff, I came across this (another cheater print) in Material Gal’s etsy shop.  Do I need it? Maybe not. Do I know what the heck I’m going to do with it? Um, no. But it was so perfect for my daughter’s room that we’re doing in pinks and turquoise.  So I succumbed.
She also had some of the Michael Miller Hedgehog Group. Have you seen these?!? (I’m talking to you LBC!) I would love a piece of each one. Such a great collection!
 Here are a few other finds from the FabricWorm.  
They also have an impressive collection of Japanese imports.
I’m also excited because American Quilting where I work sometimes, just got some of the Alexander Henry toadstools in stock! (Okay, so I’m totally on the Toadstool bandwagon.)
They also got in another new Alexander Henry print called Paris Park in both pink and blue.
AQ also has some great Lecien prints in stock right now.  
These pastels and some Minny Muu. 
Another good place to find Japanese imports if you’re local (Utah).
And now you probably have fabric cuteness coming out your ears.
Speaking of American Quilting – I went in for a quick pick-up yesterday. I say quick because I had my boys with me.  They have been there so many times – since they were each in utero – that they know it well.  But after today I think we may have officially reached our breaking point.  The almost-6-year-old locked the front door which we didn’t realize until a customer tried to come in the store.  But the 4-year-old was worse.  Not only did he do what he ALWAYS does whenever we go in a fabric store (i.e. use the potty, but it’s always p**p.  Pavlovian response, I swear.) but I found him playing with a rotary cutter!  After I took away the open rotary cutter, he found a nicely wrapped fat quarter to unwrap.  Then I found him trying out the adhesive spray-baste canisters. Within minutes of cleaning up that I found him rolling the previously mentioned rotary cutter back and forth over the previously mentioned, re-wrapped FQ. Fortunately the blade was closed. But that little act meant it was time to leave, pronto. What happened to my adorable little angel boy? He has somehow morphed into Dennis the Menace.


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    LOVE all those prints! That was some fun shopping :) When I first saw that cheater print I thought – wow, her seams are so flat!<br /><br />Fun day at the shop with the boys, huh? My local shop has a little bin in the corner with some books, dominoes and a puzzle. Luckily becket loves to set up the dominoes and happily plays in one spot for now!

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    Loved the cute fabric!!<br />Someday your &#39;adventure&#39; in the QS will be a silly story to tell their wives when they are going crazy with their own children!! :o) got to love it!! (except for the rotary cutter!!)<br />Paulette

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    Loved the cute fabric!!<br />Someday your &#39;adventure&#39; in the QS will be a silly story to tell their wives when they are going crazy with their own children!! :o) got to love it!! (except for the rotary cutter!!)<br />Paulette

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    oh no – waaaaaaay too much gorgeous stuff there!!!! <br /><br />Your boys are clearing trying to get their own way – no more fabric store please, Mummy. Don&#39;t give in, just tape their arms to their sides before you go into the store, et voila, damage limitation 😉

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    I adore Pine Needles! Last time I was in there I had to pretend I had blinders on because I truly couldn&#39;t spend any money on fabric or something bad would happen! LOL

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    you are not kidding..i am about to die from all the cuteness. these fabrics are amazing. i love the cheaters you got!!! and the story about your son….i was laughing but if it was me i would likely have had a heart attack.

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    *shudder* fabric stores with children. It&#39;s like they have a radar for it &amp; the second you walk through the doors it&#39;s freak-out time. Nice new additions to your stash, though! And I love the &quot;saving money&quot; reasoning. Ha, ha.

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    I feel your pain and you&#39;re not alone. The last time I took my 2.5 year old into a quilt shop she ran through one aisle like some kind of delinquent punk deliberately headbutting (and thus knocking over) a couple of the artfully placed fabric bolts, she dumped over baskets of perfectly arranged jelly rolls and charm packs, and then she picked up another basket and carried it around hiding

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    Such a happy quilt at the top of your blog post. Lecien fabrics are hard to beat.<br />I&#39;m proud of you for being a stay at home mom and yet finding a way to keep creative! You go girl!

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    I love those cheater prints! I have one in my stash and I just love it. The double wedding ring cheater print is so cool – I&#39;ve never seen that one before!

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    I just bought some of those Leicen prints too! I can&#39;t decide what to do with them… but they are cute to look at!… I had to get them online.<br />I&#39;m headed to Utah in June, Pine Needles is always a stop for me.. I&#39;ve never been to the other 2 stores, I&#39;ll have to add them to my list!<br />Melissa

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    Okay, I simply heart fabric, too. Thank you for sharing your sweets with us! What is it about fabric that is just so … addicting? The feel? The color? The prints? All of the above? My hubby doesn&#39;t get it. Too bad for him.<br /><br />My daughter once threw a gigantic tantrum in a quilt shop once. All because I (trying to distract her) asked her opinion on some fabric and ended up

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    Love the cute fabric. Boys gotta love them. My son once through a tantrum in CVS when I was trying to but a cardand hit a many right in the family jewels I was mortified, needless to say that was the end of the store visit.

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    Such beautiful Japanese fabrics to share. Delightful. <br />Sorry that the kidlets were such a handful. They will grow and learn (eventually).

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    I have a whole Michael Miller Hedgehogs and Big E half yard package coming to me as we speak! I&#39;m so excited!!! So very adorable. I will use it in a quilting bee, to make a baby blanket :)

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    I&#39;m so jealous! We don&#39;t get anything like the fantastic choice of fabrics you guys have over there. I went to my local fabric store last weekend and the shelves are full of dull, dingy colours at $20 a metre – I want some zingy, spring fabrics!!

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