Here is the pieced top from the little pile in Monday’s post.  I love this quilt.  I made one like it last year that ended up here.
I must say I thoroughly enjoyed making it again. I can’t wait to see it quilted and washed. I’m toying with the idea of making kits for my etsy shop.  I did some last year until I ran out of the border fabrics.  I’ve since found some worthy replacements, so it’s a possibility.
In the mean time, I am stocking I-spy Charm packs again.  I am re-stocking the original 3.5″ size.  I’m also adding a limited number (only 6 – that’s it) of 5″ charm packs.  I cut some for a custom order and decided to sell the rest, so I won’t be cutting more.
The 5″ packs consist of 25 different squares for $10.  The prints skew slightly in the boy direction but are still somewhat gender neutral.  Includes Japanese and other vintage reproduction fabrics. Post Edit: The 5″ packs are gone!
I have a few other etsy updates in the works – hopefully ready and posted during the next week: vintage sheets, a new little boy quilt and kits! I am excited. That is if my computer cooperates. (See below)
In other more boring news, my computer is reaching the end of it’s mortal existence.  I think it’s about 372 in dog years.  Last night, after spending way too long uploading 20 pictures for a tutorial I’d planned to post today (none of which blogger saved because they were only in the loading dock – not the actual draft post *sigh*), my computer shut itself down and went to bed.  It keeps doing this and I’m just waiting for the day it doesn’t turn on again.  We’ve got a new computer lined up – just need to get someone with far superior technical knowledge than we have to make the official transfer.  So the only reason I’m boring everyone with all this information is to let you know the reason if I suddenly go AWOL.  I will return as soon as possible with a much faster computer and a new tutorial to boot. The End.


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    It's a fab little quilt! Please let me know when your charm packs are ready to go – I'd love to buy one (or maybe two :))

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    Adorable!!<br /><br />So THRILLED you&#39;re restocking the charm squares!!! I *just* finished the top of an I-Spy quilt using the squares I purchased from you last year.<br /><br />Needless to say, I bought more so I can make up a couple more quilts for other friends who are expecting.

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    What a cute quilt! I scrolled down to get to the charm packs only to find they sold out! There are some lucky ladies out there. :o)<br />I am sorry about your computer puttering out. I love love love coming to your blog! :o) <br />Have a great day.<br />Sincerely ~ Tricia

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