Pretty Points All in a Row

Right now I’m working on a quilt with Prairie Points (or Picot Points) in the borders.  While I’ve always liked the look of Prairie Points, I’ve always been less than excited about the effort to make them. Until I saw this tutorial at ModaLissa.  Made it look so slick!
 So I decided to give it a whirl.
This method creates a connected row of Points from one strip of fabric.
 I found that starch and steam when pressing helped keep them nice and crisp.

I love the finished effect.  This is a quilt for the store where I work – American Quilting. Kind of an old-fashioned “Grandma’s kitchen” looking quilt. I’ll share more when it’s quilted.

I think we’re done with snow for a bit. Hurrah! Chilly – but the sun came out today.  Took the kids on an outing, and we just happened to stop here.  And they just happened to have some lovely Japanese prints. And I just happened to have a coupon in my bag.  Lovely. I’ll share pictures another day. :)


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    Perfectg fabric for those Prairie Points, and great tutorial for making them. Love the idea of one continuous line of fabric.<br />So Pine Needles offers coupons? Lucky!

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    Beautiful Prairie Points…can&#39;t wait to see your fabric from Gardner Village…hoping to make a stop there when I come up for Women&#39;s Conference!

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    When you get it finished and in the store post about it, will you, so I can come in and see it! I have a free kit and have just been waiting for something like this to come along. – Annie

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