Redefining “Soccer Mom”

Binding at last night’s game.  
Nice and clear -no rain- and the quilt kept off the wind. 
Thanks for the encouragement.

If you’re local, check out Tom & Lucy’s Art Shoppe boutique which is going on this weekend. I’m going this afternoon. Maybe we could meet? They always have beautiful things.  Last time I bought some awesome earrings. Jewelry is what I typically buy at craft fairs.  It’s a part of the craft world that I have not allowed myself to enter.  I figure I save money by buying someone else’s finished product rather than buying all the supplies and hoarding them in my basement, never getting to them. I already have one too many hoards.


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    It's such a breath of fresh air to see a soccer mum that distances herself from the "bulldog" variety that made the tour around the world on TV screens giving real soccer mums a bad reputation. Go girl, go!

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    I hit the "publish" button a little too fast … your quilt looks gorgeous. I love the bright, sunny feeling it has and the green/white dots are yummy!

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    Yay, you! It will probably help you be very calm at the games, too, because you don't dare jump up and yell. 1: quilt might get dirty. 2: you could stab yourself.

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    Nice way to keep warm!!<br /><br />Hey do you teach at American Quilting or just design for them? I&#39;m coming to Utah in June and thought it might be fun to take a class from you if you do!<br />Melissa

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