Friday, May 28, 2010

Baby Nicey Jane

A new little quilt for the store where I work (American Quilting.) This was so much fun to make. I've been eyeing Nicey Jane since I heard Heather Bailey speak last fall. There are a few other prints thrown in.  Do you recognize the pattern? It's the same as the Mr. Roboto quilt from last summer.  I used this off-set square tutorial.
The back.
I finished the binding while watching the end of Lost.
It's really fun making quilts with other people's fabric.
I get the satisfaction of designing and making something fun, without having to buy anything.
And I get paid to do it. I know. My life is rough.
And here is my "helper". He thought it would be really funny to flop down on top while I was trying to take pictures.

The socks. I'm trying to convince him now that it's warm outside (most of the time) that he shouldn't wear just socks when he plays outside.  I've made his shoes readily available, even told him it's okay if he goes barefoot. But no. He insists on the socks. And our sock collection is wearing out quickly. Yesterday he came home from a friend's house and proudly told me, "Eli wears socks outside too! And guess what? His have holes just like mine!"  Gosh, one of my favorite parts of summer is not having a monster sock pile to sort every time I do the laundry. At least that is what I'd hoped. But at the rate he's going there will be no socks left to put holes in.

Many thanks for the awesome travel tips. I can't wait to put them to use!


  1. That quilt is gorgeous! And too funny about the socks- I feel just the same way about them. Hello sandals!

  2. Beautiful! Love all of Heather Bailey's Fabric!
    Love your sock story..

  3. Boys. Just wait until he and his friends start proudly comparing their scars.

  4. so pretty, I'm a sucker for nicey jane

  5. Amy, I LOVE it! I printed the tutorial - thanks a bunch! I'm going to be a grandma in October and that's the type of quilt I want to make with HR Goldfish in a Bag that I won in a bidding war on Ebay.

  6. GREAT! quilt! great boy too, enjoy him!

  7. I was just thinking the same thing about the socks yesterday! : ) Going to buy new sandals that fit the kids today!

  8. Mine wear socks outside all the time too. However, they ditch them outside and I find socks everywhere.

    Beautiful quilt. I love the Nicey Jane fabric.

  9. the socks are my least favorite part of laundry. i love this quilt. i really want to do something with nicey jane but i have not bought any yet.

  10. Love the quilt! I'm always telling my 7 year old boy, either barefoot or shoes! Stop wearing out my socks!

  11. This quilt pattern is perfect for nicey jane, it lets the fabric do the talking.

  12. I love your Baby Nicey Jane quilt! That fabric is so happy and you did a good job of showcasing it.

    Oh never know what they are going to come up with next! That is a really cute photo and it captures the moment nicely.


  13. Great work! Nice use of color. Simply divine! Can't wait to see more from you.

  14. Nice quilt. I love that your son wanted to lay on it.

    I really don't like to wear socks unless it's cold. My son's socks always look awful. When he was younger he started wearing flip flops and now I can't get him out of them. Boys. They weird when it comes to some stuff.

  15. I love baby quilts, have to make this one. Great tutorial. BettyLou

  16. This is such a pretty quilt! I need to keep working at quilting so I can get paid to make them, too :)

  17. I remember that tutorial! I like how you used the leftover square from one background fabric to be the center of another block! Very efficient!


  18. I am writing from Tokyo. You will be pleased/amazed/surprised/..... to know that we have the same socks situation in our home with my 12 year old son. He insists on socks even now, when he is one-handed (temporarily) & struggles to put them on himself.
    Love the colours & design of your pretty quilt! Have a good weekend !

  19. I've never quilted in my life and was wondering on what size squares are in this quilt. Going to try to make one for my new little one coming in Oct. I love your blog by the way!! ;)


  20. love the quilt! perfect fabric choices!

  21. Love the quilt, Amy!

    Also wanted to offer up some sock sorting help....I use the small lingerie bags with zippers to sort my kiddies socks (they are still small, and those socks get eaten up by my machines!) - this way, I only have one size/kid to sort through at a time. I keep the bags on nails above my washing machine and fill as they get dirty (or as I load my washer -- depends on how lazy I am when they are getting undressed!). Now that I am writing this, I'm thinking that I need to get bags for me and hubby too!


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