Red, Aqua and Pink Quilt

I’ve been promising my 8-year-old daughter for a quilt for some time. She grew out of the pink/purple/princess/unicorn/little-girl phase a while ago.  She decided her new favorite color was red. Last year I made a baby quilt using this color scheme because I loved it and wanted to try it. Well, she loved it too, so I promised her I would make a big one for her. It is finally done!
It’s not a complex design – just simple squares. But it’s the greatest way to showcase the fabric. This is the quilt where I finally used those fabrics that I was saving for “just the right thing.” There are lot of little things that are sentimental to her like seashells to remind her of going to the beach with Grandma, or elephants which were her favorite animal.  Also lots of texture like chenille and a square of red velvet.
This was part of the inspiration. A while ago, my mother-in-law gave me the curtain panels that hung in her room as a little girl in Bath, Maine about 60 years ago.  Aren’t they fabulous?
We finally hung those in her room this week.
And here’s the finished look. Well, almost.  Right now her room is hosting the bottom half of the bunk beds until we move both in her brothers’ room. I have an old brass headboard that I’d like to paint white.  When we bought our new house the walls in her room were already the perfect shade of pink. Providential.
The cute painting on the wall is by Sarah Jane, one of my favorite childrens artists. 
I need to make some pennants like that to go in her room!
Thanks for coming to visit! 


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    Did you hear that? It was my breath being taken away!! Perfect quilt!! Perfect curtains. Thanks for sharing the room!<br /><br />Blessings,<br /><br />KT

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    The quilt is gorgeous! So soft and perfect for a little girl. or a big girl. I love her room. <br /><br />P.S. I made a nursing cover using your tutorial. I&#39;ll try to post about it soon. It was so easy to follow. Came out perfect. Thanks!

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    Oooo Amy, <br />What a beautiful quilt for your daughter, and such a lovely bedroom filled with loving memories for her to enjoy.<br />Love Wendy Xx

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    That is so pretty – there really is a place for very pretty simple quilts. When they&#39;re done really well like this one, they just stand out.

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    I absolutely love your quilt. Do you have a tutorial on how to make this? I have never made a quilt but would love to give this a try and make one for my daughter.<br /><br />Thanks for sharing again, it&#39;s beautiful!<br />Christine

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    Wow Amy, that is so pretty! Without any little girls to sew for, maybe I just need to make something like that for my own room – Mark can just close his eyes if he doesn&#39;t want all the flowers.<br /><br />I love the picture, the curtains, and that wonderful quilt – looks like the perfect room.

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    The curtains and quilt together with the &quot;providential&quot; pink walls add up to the BEST little girls room!!! Great job.

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    DARLING!!!! I made my daughter a stacked coin quilt in those colors last year, she loves it and I also have a Sarah Jane picture in her room, too cute for little girls!! Lovely room, good job mom!

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    I&#39;m ready to move in. I love the vintage curtains which work in beautifully with the new quilt.<br />Thanks for commenting.<br />Sandra

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    That&#39;s just gorgeous Amy! I&#39;d always thought if I had a little girl, I&#39;d want her room to be red and aqua :) The curtains are such a sweet touch. Beautiful!! (And the pennants would be sooooo lovely!)

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    That quilt is purely perfect. I love the colour scheme and the layout is amazing. What size did you cut the squares to? Love love love!

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    okay, that is so sweet about the curtains!! At first I thought you were going to Bath England and my heart almost stopped. :)

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    Isn&#39;t it lovely when things all come together…the perfect pink walls…the perfect curtain panels from a loved one…the perfect combo of aqua and red lovingly stitched by mom…..lucky girl!;) xo

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    Oh, her room is precious! The quilt is beautiful and so are the curtains. I love vintage!! Your daughter is fortunate to have so much love and warmth around her. I live a ways from my Mom and when I cover up in the quilt she made me – makes me think of her arms around me.:) Sweet dreams!!<br />

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    Beautiful quilt! Sometimes the simplest patterns are the best way to show off gorgeous fabrics. This quilt really hits the mark. Oh, and I love the striped outer border.

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    don&#39;t you wish that kids sometimes didn&#39;t grow up so fast…but the up side you got to make a really beautiful quilt…i love the reds and blues together!

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    What a darling room! The quilt and curtains are perfect together. My daughter is the same age, and I know what you mean about new favorite colors!

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    Those curtains are so gorgeous, especially in a room with that gorgeous quilt! I have always loved the red/aqua color combination. What a great way to tie this room together. And what a great way to showcase your mil&#39;s precious curtains from her childhood room.

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    I know I&#39;m only 140 quilts in but I have to say that this is one my all time favorites. It&#39;s so beautiful! Those curtains are spectacular!! They were made for each other. I would love to see what it looks like when you get the pendants done. How about painting the current bed in that pale blue from the quilt?? I love painted furniture 😀

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    Love, love, love the quilt! Perfect colors. When you first showed us the vintage curtains, I thought you were going to say that you used them for the quilt backing. But I love them hanging at the window and coordinating with the quilt. Great entry for the festival!

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    Amy, Wow, I love the quilt, but the entire look of the room is fantastic! Just darling. Your daughter must be pleased as punch!

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    Ohmygosh, I am so in love with how the quilt looks with the curtains! Famous interior designers always say you need to start with a &quot;thing&quot; before trying to choose colors for a room. You knew that instinctively!

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    WOW! That is beautiful. I want to make my soon to be 8 year old daughter a quilt for her bed and these are the same colors we have been talking about. My little one saw this picture and loves it too. Hope you are both enjoying it.

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    now that is just the most perfect little girl&#39;s bedroom I&#39;ve seen!<br /><br />love your blog, just found it and adding it to my favourites right now!<br /><br />corrie:)

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    A beautiful quilt! And it is perfect in your daughter&#39;s room. Her room is beautiful. Banners would be so cute.<br /><br />..I am off today so will hopefully get to some others on the quilt fest. I have some drawing orders to work on and then clean house… Now that our children are grown and my hubby and I are empty nesters, I can&#39;t be a &quot;stay at home mom&quot;, but I would love to

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    I absolutely love this quilt! Can you please tell me what fabrics you used? The red binding is to die for. And the curtains are such a beautiful item, and so sentimental. I wish I had a bedroom this gorgous! Time to remodel?????

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    I popped over from the purple is back birthday post..which made me smile as we have seven girls, and their favorites, from food to color, fluctuate and change like the weather. It must be the growing up thing they are doing. This quilt is truly lovely and she will cherish it for years to come. Just yesterday, I pulled from storage a quilt that my mother made for me when I was eleven. I still

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    Oh my goodness!! I was drooling over this quilt saying to myself &quot;I need to make this for my daughters room…it would be perfect for the print I just bought to set the theme for her room,&quot; then I saw it….sarah jane! I have the little girl and lamb print. That&#39;s too funny…I guess that&#39;s a sign that I need to make it!

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