My first Schibble

Have you Schnibbled?  If you’ve visited Sherri you know what I’m talking about. 
I’ve seen the adorable Schibbles patterns for a while, but I’ve never made one.
Until now.
This one is for the store where I “work”. For the one I made, I basically used whatever American Jane stuff was still on hand at the shop, plus a few other retro looking prints. 
It came from this pattern book. Includes LOTS of great patterns. 
I made the small version. I think I want to try the big version too and keep it for myself. :)
Speaking of American Jane, did you hear that she has a new collection coming out in August?  
Exciting news!  I’m not even sure how many American Jane quilts I’ve made.
Or how many more I could make with the stash I have.

Post edit: I’m linking up to Amy’s Sew and Tell.  She has pretty much the cutest finished project (new baby!) this week. I can’t even to begin to compete. :)


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    I haven&#39;t done a schibble yet, but I have a couple that are on &#39;the list&#39;. Yours looks wonderful, great &#39;work&#39; – the few others that I&#39;ve loved have also been done in American Jane. The colors are so happy.<br /><br />I saw Punctuation last week on FQ and just smiled!

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    Love that book and LOVE your quilt! Just received the book and can&#39;t wait to start Schnibbling! The X-Rated quilt you made is first on my list as well and after seeing yours, I just might have to track down some of that American Jane! Very cute!

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    this quilt is great…i love the colors in the AJ lines. this new collection is on my radar….i can not wait to get my hands on it!!

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    I&#39;m in the middle of this same pattern! I love the bright colors from the American Jane collection. You&#39;re right, the book is chock full of fun patterns. Ever since I bought mine, I&#39;ve been toting it around from one room to another to peruse while I eat breakfast, watch TV, go to bed, etc.

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    Amy ~ I LOVE Schnibbles and have been schnibbling for quite a while now! I just got the book at the Am. Quilting on Tuesday and can&#39;t wait to dive into making more! <br />Love the way your&#39;s turned out! I haven&#39;t made that one yet but it is on my list!<br />The new American Jane fabric is… TO DIE FOR!!! I think my stash may have to grow a bit more~

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    such a cute quilt. Obviously everything is cute in American Jane – I&#39;d heard she had a new line coming out, but I hadn&#39;t seen it til now. I think it goes without saying I&#39;ll be stocking up…big time 😉

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    Oh my gosh I love that new line from American Jane. <br /><br />The quilt you made is adorable. What I would do to work for a quilting shop that paid me to quilt. What an awesome job.

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    It&#39;s lovely Amy! I did happen to see that there is a new line of American Jane coming out… I will need to enhance my stash with some I think. I missed the first few lines and I would desperately love some Wee Play but by george it seems everyone is holding onto that one for dear life :)<br /><br />Hope you&#39;ve had a happy week!

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    Yes, I have Schnibbled, have made Sunday&#39;s Best and Roundabout. Love the new book &quot;Schnibbles Times Two.&quot; I think it is a real winner. BettyLou

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    Believe it or not, but Sherri was at my house today. (We live an hour apart). She is QUEEN of Schnibbles. I have only made one as a baby quilt for a gift, and look forward to more in my future. Love anything American Jane.

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    Jolie – I usually take my quilts to a friend. I can&#39;t take credit for the quilting at all! (In fact, it&#39;s my greatest quilting weakness.) :)

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