One good turn, deserves another.

My youngest sister is expecting her first baby.  To add to the fun and excitement (i.e. craziness), she and her husband are moving to Brazil. They asked if I would help them make a bumper pad for the baby’s crib. Because it was bulky, we needed to do it asap so it could go on the container being shipped to Brazil.
With fabric like this, how could I refuse? 
Think how literate this kid is going to be with a bumper like that.
To make it even more of a party, my brother-in-law wanted to learn how to sew. He is quite the renaissance man. (He’s the one who installed and then re-installed our light fixture when it got flooded last summer.) He’s also taking an upholstery class right now. (Sweet! So good to have upholsterer in the family! – except he’ll be in Brazil for a few years. Maybe in the future.)
Within a couple hours, we had this.  
Now it just needs a quilt to go with it. 
Those are little more portable, so I think it can travel in a suitcase later.
And in return, guess what my kind b-in-law did while we finished up the bumper? Hung this mirror over my couch. I’ve had it ever since we moved in (7 months ago), propped against the wall, waiting for me to get my measuring tape and my act together.  He hung it securely in about 35 min.  I call that a great trade. I’ll sew baby bumpers, while someone with better drill-skills than me, hangs the heavy mirror. Thanks B & L!


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    Your living room is gorgeous! How do you keep it so nice with kiddos? :D<br />Did you use the bumper foam inserts? It looks fantastic!!

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    Love the bumper! Maybe someday you could make a tutorial????:) That would be soooooooooo awesome! You&#39;re very talented! Thank you for sharing with us.

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    My husband has armchair envy. Orange is his favorite color and he is getting all sorts of ideas about what our next furniture purchase should be. LOVE those.<br /><br />Also- that fabric for the bumper is awesome. I&#39;m making crib bedding this week too :o)

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    Ack. I love the orange! The chairs, the pillow, the bumper! I picked up some vintage sheets this week- in orange! I think I am attracted to it lately because I would like to see the yellow/orange ball in the sky more. :)

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    Loooove the bumpers! Your bro in law sounds like a wonderful person to have around… pity he&#39;ll be off to Brazil! My husband&#39;s rubbish at hanging anything or fixing stuff, so whenever my FIL visits I beg him to do it for me lol

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    well they say you shouldn&#39;t move house during a major event like a new baby let alone move to brazil! wow!<br /><br />love the baby bumper and love to see a man getting handy with the sewing machine!<br /><br />it&#39;s all lovely including your lounge room!<br /><br />Corrie;)

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