Some weekend odds and ends

 Mother’s Day I decided I needed a corsage to perk up my outfit.
After seeing lots of cool inspiration at the Beehive Bazaar on Friday,
I decided to make one.
So I did. I’m not exactly sure how I did it, I just kind of made it up as I went along to be honest. I was pleased with the outcome.  And when my daughter first saw it she said, “Oh, did you buy that at the Beehive Bazaar?” Which I took as a great compliment.
 Speaking of my daughter, look what that brilliant child sneakily bought me for Mother’s Day. 
(At the Beehive Bazaar, of course!)  I love them!
Here is what I bought at the BB.  A package of vintage trims and some adorable hedgehog note cards. I can’t help you out on the trims, but you can buy the same note cards here!  You don’t even have to come to Utah! She has lots of VERY adorable things there. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you!)  So you could call the BB a great success. Lots of inspiration and some good loot too.
And while we’re on the subject of vintage trims, every once in a while my Grandma brings me a collection of random things from her house.  I was kind of excited by this lot.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with any of it yet, but I’m excited to have it on hand when the inspiration hits.  Always good to have some burlap on hand.  I’ve been collecting strawberry stuff recently, so I was excited to see that bolt of ribbon.  I love the roll of blue decorative stuff. Guess what it’s on? Elastic! I think it’s so pretty, but I don’t know how to best use it.  Suggestions?
Lastly, our resident artist is back at work.  I guess I need to come up with a better threat.
At least it wasn’t the quilt, right?


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    I reeally love those earrings! Your daughter has great taste! <br />Thanks for the link to the etsy shop, I&#39;m going to have to go take a look around when I have a bit more time.

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    Your daughter picked out very cute earrings for you! And great job on the flower, it certainly doesn&#39;t look like you winged it!<br /><br />Now the art….you see, he&#39;s used to so much wonderful color and pattern around with quilts and fabric, that the white sheets were just calling out for him to decorate :)

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    Next year I am going to have to make it a point to go to the Beehive Bazaar. You always find the best stuff.<br />Great job on your flower corsage. It goes perfect with your outfit.

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    Nice art on the bed sheet!<br /><br />I saw those earrings at the Beehive Bazaar. I bought two cute vinyl headbands for my nieces there. fun stuff. and cute corsage.

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    One of my children used to be a &quot;resident artist&quot;–permanent marker on her closet door, bedroom walls, and kitchen wall…guess that&#39;s how I got so good at painting…and she did finally grow out of it!

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    Awesome stuff!!! <br /><br />My resident artist (2) likes walls, every time I clean it up he colors more, so I just leave it now, I&#39;ll clean it up when he&#39;s 5 LOL!

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    Hi Amy…<br />Your corsage is beautiful and so perfect for Mothers Day!<br />I love the earrings and I bought the hairclip that matches..<br />Well, I think that you should teach your little artist to embroidery over the drawn lines for a set of swanky sheets!<br />BTW…I would use the elastic for a skirt too.<br />Have a great day Amy,<br />x<br />lori

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    I love the corsage! So cute. <br /><br />My sisters were the resident artists in my house. They decorated my sheets with hot pink lipstick when I was at school one day. Kids… :)

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    You can have him bring his crayons to our house anytime! Having you store ours really cured her of drawing on things she should not.<br /><br />Mark told me to come out to the Bazaar, but unfortunately I never had time. Looks like I missed out.

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    I hope the drawings permanent. It&#39;s so cute. Maybe he should go into designing children&#39;s sheets. It could be really fun for him.<br /><br />I love the schnibble quilt. I recently bought the book so I&#39;m excited to make one this summer. Maybe two or three. We will see.

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