Friday, June 11, 2010

Field Trip Friday: Random Glimpses of New York

One of my favorite parts about summer is taking my kids on field trips to places we just don't have time to visit when we're on the school schedule like: museums, events in Salt Lake City, the mountains, exotic breakfast at Ikea, etc.  So I decided it would be fun this summer to take all of you blog friends on a field trip each Friday as well!  I have a bunch of great stuff to share.  This week I thought we'd look at some random glimpses of New York. 
I love the old art deco tile in the various subway stations.
Statue of George Washington at Federal Hall where he was first inaugurated President.
This was the first time I'd even stayed downtown in the financial district. (Our hotel was actually right by the World Trade Center site. Sadly no pictures, because there's really not much to see still.)  I liked seeing Wall Street (although part of my wanted to take some of those folks by the ear and put them in time out for an extended amount of time). I also thought Trinity church was really cool - this old church with centuries-old headstones right in the middle of downtown Manhattan.
Soho. I love the 19th century architecture and the revival of SoHo. Random cobblestone streets, wonderful buildings, and great shopping. This is the neighborhood where Purl Soho is located. That will be our field trip next Friday. (Are you excited??)
The Brooklyn Bridge.
Every time my husband has had to go to NY he's usually stuck in some hotel for a business convention in Times Square (which, frankly, is my least favorite part of NY).  So this trip I was determined to give him a good NY cultural experience.  We walked from our hotel to Battery Park, rode the Staten Island Ferry, walked through downtown to City Hall, and then walked across the Brooklyn Bridge to get pizza. It was quite the walk in the early summer humidity.
Afterward I was in dire need of one of these babies. Some Watermelon sorbet while we waited in line at Grimaldi's.
Check out the line waiting outside just to get in the restaurant - Grimaldi's pizza.
The interior was pretty sweet as well, with pictures of Frank Sinatra all over the walls and Queen's Greatest Hits playing loudly. 
There's my husband watching the Brooklyn-pizza-maestro's at work, getting some tips for his own Saturday night homemade pizza tradition.  It was quite the afternoon, but I think I succeeded in giving him a more favorable impression.


  1. I love love love New York - but I notice you didn't show any pictures of the fabric district! Didn't you make it there? I had a hard time getting out of it..... ;-)

  2. i live in NY so we get to the city often but it is so fun to see someone elses view of it....we see too much of the same thing. your pics are making me want to branch out and do something different in NYC

  3. My husband and I really want to see NY someday. Thanks for the sneak peek.

  4. Beautiful pictures! But queueing for a restaurant is beyond me! I 've seen it myself while in the States but still cannot comprehend why on earth would you have to stand in line to get some decent food. Come over to Europe - here you don't have to do it and you'll eat much healthier, tastier food!
    I'll be definitely coming back for more field trips though ;-)

  5. Stumbled on your blog a few months ago. i am prego now and found your nursing cover tutorial! Then quickly saw all the other fun things on your site. Anyways, i also loved your post that you were going to NYC... bc you got such great feedback! My husband was also heading there and I tagged along this past weekend. It was such a fun weekend. I printed out all the comments with ideas for NYC & used so many!! I was totally bummed that I didn't make it to Purl Soho. However, I did go to City Quilter and got some of the amazing NYC fabrics. Anyways, I am about to make my baby's bumper... did you use a pattern for your brother's bumper pad? Or did you just create one? I need to start those this week. I love the ones you just finished!

  6. I want to go New York SOON again!!!


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