Flag Quilt Blocks

Well, I’ve made a little progress since then on my quilt.  
I really love each different flag block.
But a quilt emergency has arisen and three of my Union Jacks have been requisitioned for duty in a more pressing project.
A special friend of mine is coming to visit in a couple of weeks. She is from Norway.  We met each other when I lived in England and were roommates for about 5 months.  She is like a sister to me. I’m pretty sure we are somehow distantly related.  (I have a Norwegian Great-Grandfather, so I have some Viking blood in me somewhere.)  Julie is probably the closest friend at the greatest distance. She lived with me at the same time as my friend Sarah and she was the one who called to tell me of Sarah’s passing.
And so I decided to make her a quilt!  Julie is 100% Norwegian – has lived in Oslo most of her life, but her parents were living in New Jersey for a short time when she was born, so she has dual citizenship.
Which means three different country’s flags for her quilt. (It’s nice that their colors all coordinate so well.) I finished piecing the top Friday night and dropped it off at the quilters.  I think it may be one of my favorite quilts ever and I need to make one for myself! I can’t wait to see it finished.
And here are some in-progress photos.  One of the great things about this house is that there is a room in the basement for all my sewing mess. I used to sew in the family room at our old house and my projects were always all over the place = mess. But as nice as it is to have that space, I don’t get nearly as much sewing done as I used to. Especially now that it’s summer.  So, I’ve been temporarily relocating my machine to the kitchen table most days.  I get so much more accomplished in the hub of the action – because I can start and stop as the needs arise without having to go up and down stairs.  I’m trying to keep my mess contained to one project at a time – the rest in the basement – so things don’t get out of control.
This also means I have entertaining things happening all around me while I sew. Like Light Sabers suddenly flashing in front of me.
Also, discovering that Omnigrid quilting rulers make really great monster truck ramps.


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    I know what you mean about moving into the kitchen area – I have a perfectly lovely sewing room upstairs, but it's so out of the action! I leave all (well, most of) my fabric up there and keep my current projects in the dining room. Fortunately I have a wonderfully tolerant husband……. 😉

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    I would love to have my own sewing room/studio – but I definitely see your point about being away from it all. I think us Moms like to be where the action is! I love the picture of your sewing machine with your son peeking through! That is priceless:) I have been loving your Union Jack blocks – I&#39;ve even seen some &quot;look-alikes&quot; popping up in blogland. <br />Take care!<br />BTW

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    I always sewed at the dining room table when the kids were growing up and find I still like to be there even though I do have a small upstairs room. I like to cook and sew at the same time. 😉 Have a great day!

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    yeah, my kids like to use my rulers for hotwheel ramps. I finally had to put a stop to it because most of my rulers are cracked! and hubby has been known to borrow my awesome quilting rulers for his shop

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    what a great idea, this will be such a nice gift…I have been thinking of making a small wallhaning for my parents…they are going to Norway in 2011, your flags look great!

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    AMAZIG blocks – i can&#39;t wait to see the quilt all finished!<br /><br />Omnigrid rulers are used in that way in our house too. Boys.

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    Oh my Gosh…how much do I love your flag quilt? It&#39;s fantastic and I&#39;m waiting to see it finished in all of it&#39;s glory. (can you tell i really like it?)<br />Love the light saber and truck ramps…lol!<br />x<br />lori

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    Oh I can&#39;t wait to see the quilt complete! What a great idea!! :)<br />My sewing space is the dining room table so i definitely understand the unexpected 😀

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    What a fun flag quilt! Can&#39;t wait to see it all together.<br /><br />LOVE the light saber and rulers-as-ramps. Always good when you can find a nice ramp :)<br /><br />{thanks for the wonderful charm surprise – I love them!}

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    can&#39;t wait to see the quilt, what a lucky friend.<br /><br />my kids tried to use my ruler as a slide…of course it broke on the first try.

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    I would love to make a American Flag quilt. I have been looking for &quot;the&quot; perfect flag size, and I love the ones you did! Amy, you are an AMAZING, creative, smart quilter!

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    I can&#39;t wait to see this quilt- this is so inspiring! I know what you mean about being were everything is happening. I love that last picture!

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    Ok my friend. do you realize what you&#39;ve done here? you&#39;ve created a marketable pattern. You really really should either bring together the US and GB flags for a pattern alone or incorporate the ability for someone to add other flags into the idea. You should write it up and sell it! It&#39;s that cute.

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    I&#39;ve made a union jack pillow, and I&#39;ve been thinking a quilt would be awesome, but after seeing your blocks, it&#39;s getting bumped to the top of my list. Super cute blocks…all of them!

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    I&#39;m in love with your US flags. I just finished a twin quilt top with US flag blocks that had 9 stripes. I like yours better — how big is the block if you don&#39;t mind telling me. Very cute

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