Pictures of things that make me drool

Last week I took a photography class 
(I’m still trying to figure out how the heck to use my camera.)
It was a great class – I think I finally understand aperture. Maybe. One of the best parts was that it was held at my favorite furniture store. (Four Chairs in Lindon, Utah. Imagine a slightly more affordable Pottery Barn where you can pick your color and finish on everything.)  It was so much fun to have pretty subject matter that didn’t try to run away while I snapped pictures. Also, I learned that using someone else’s really expensive lens is fun.  So I thought I’d share a little domestic decorating inspiration.

I need more color in my house. Do you think they’d trade some mediocre pictures for a Robin’s Egg Blue dining room set?


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    a robins egg blue dining set sounds heavenly. this place is making me want to take the long trip to utah!!! such gorgeous colorful stuff

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    I wish I lived in Linden, Utah, just to visit that store! And if they'll trade mediocre pictures (which I doubt they're mediocre), then ask if they'll trade boring fabric which I bought before I knew any better for those marvelous candelsticks! And great job with your photographing!

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    Amy, your photos are gorgeous!<br /><br />BTW-I would love to move into that store!<br /><br />Enjoy your day &amp; thanks for sharing.

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    Aperture? I took a photography class years ago, but of course that information is long gone.<br />As I remember, it didn&#39;t make much sense to me even then. (Something about F-stops?, the iris of your eyes, and how much light the lens lets in).<br />What a great store. I&#39;ll have to check it out next time I&#39;m up North.

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    I love these! I took a photography class earlier in the year and it made such a difference for me. I really like the picture of the multi-colored chair all hung up. I need more color in my house too.

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    Ooh, I love all those hanging chairs! I know – more color in the home is my everlasting quest in life. Maybe someday, when we aren&#39;t renting and can paint the walls…….

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    What a really great idea to have a photography class in a furniture store! Lovely stuff too…I&#39;d better wipe the drool off my keyboard…

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    Love all those different chairs and in the different colors!!!! I want that in my house!!!! Like 6 totally different chairs. LOVE!!!!!!

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    Beautiful pictures! Nothing mediocre about them :) I especially love the one of the chairs all hung in a row. <br /><br />Tell them you&#39;ll give them the pics and continue giving them free advertising and perhaps they&#39;ll give you the dining set? Hehe :)

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    That store, and your photos, looks fabulous!!! I am coming to Am Fork in July so I will have to make sure to visit the store! And then pop over to the Purple Turtle 😉

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    I want that red bed frame. Funny, I was just looking through your archives to find the snippets hexagon quilt you made last year (I just google searched the blog for &quot;yellow&quot; and it came up) so now I&#39;m drooling over the thought of one of those quilts on this bed. Slobber!

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    Beautiful pictures. The last is my favorite. I&#39;m still having trouble having something sharply in focus with the background all blurry, and I love those kinds of pictures! What a great place to shop!

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    I&#39;d love a room FULL of color ~ but not sure enough how to pull it off. Took a photo class many many years ago and really enjoyed it.

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    I LOVE this store! They have a catalog of stuff not in the store that will knock your socks off. IN particular a round dining room table that seats six and expands to seat 12 or 14 or something. You know ,because I might need that one day. Your pics look great!

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    Long ago I worked in the photo dept. Here&#39;s how I explained aperture…think about how your eyes work…at night, they dilate (get bigger, like f/1.8) to take in as much light as possible, and you can&#39;t see as well. In the bright sun, your pupils constrict (get smaller, like f/16) and you can see better. Our brains don&#39;t really let us see depth of field, but in a photo, when we use a

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