Monday, June 28, 2010

Quilt Bee Blocks

A little catch-up on May and June's Bee Blocks.
This incredible tulip pattern was designed by and made for Penny of Sewtakeahike.
You can see more of the tulip quilt blocks here.
Have you visited Penny's blog? She is one of my Hexie inspirations.
These next blocks are for Julie (of Jaybird Quilts.)
I've seen all the Neptune (fabric collection) love in quilt-blog-land but hadn't actually sewed with any myself.  It is so pretty!  This is going to be another amazing quilt. You can see more of the blocks at the Bee Beautiful Blog.
This is kind of a busy week around here - both in the blog world and in real life. A new tutorial is on the docket and some Fabric 101.  Also, my friend from Norway is coming this week.  I am binding her flag quilt and catching up on last week's SYTYCD.  I love how the quilt turned out. If I didn't love her so much, I might not part with it.

Also, I love summer. :) But I need more sleep. I'm trying to not be on the computer during the day while my kids are around, so I'm saving my computer stuff until after they've gone to bed. This is not a good system. Especially when the 4-year-old wakes up at 6:45 each morning. Saturday night we finally hung curtains over the blinds in his room and he slept in until 7:20 this morning. I'll take it! Every little bit helps.


  1. Gorgeous blocks!

    I'm a SYTYCD fan too. Alex FTW! (he's a hometown boy - originally from Vancouver even though the show has him say he is from Miami :()

  2. I so often come late to the party as far as loving a certain line of fabric. Neptune was one of them. Your blocks are awesome. But now it will probably be really hard to find some of that fabric anymore.

    I'm SO behind on SYTYCD. Will try to catch up this week. I LOVE that show but my husband prefers America's Got Talent. Go figure...

  3. I am dying to see the Norway quilt, and that tulip is amazing!

  4. Just getting caught up on my blogs after being gone a week. I love your tulip. And Penny is now on my sidebar.
    It sounds like your summer is going well, and busy with kids.

  5. Me and Kari were just talking about you this weekend. We think you're amazing and we want to quilt with you. That is all.


  6. Wow - great eye candy. Thanks for sharing the blocks. Very inspiring. Never thought about making a tulip (or other shape) from a string-pieced block. Awesome!

  7. What is it with 4 year old boys waking at the break of dawn (ok maybe a slight over exaggeration but you understand). We also finally hung curtains up over the blinds and he has been sleeping a little later but not late enough for his little sister. One who loves to sleep and one who doesn't, such a great combo......
    P.s could luck figuring out computer time, I too struggle with this.

  8. I WANT THAT TULIP BLOCK! Yes. I used all caps. So you know I'm yelling.

  9. great flower for penny... and FAB blocks for me!! i can't wait to get them all back and put my quilt together... i'm so excited!!


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