A Quilt Story

Don’t you love the stories behind quilts? They make them that much more meaningful.  If you haven’t discovered the new blog, Quilt Story already, run (click) over there. There are some beautiful quilts to see with beautiful stories behind them. Today, they are featuring one of mine!

Fresh Poppy Design
If you’ve been around my blog for a while, this quilt will be a familiar one. 
It is probably one of my all-time favorites, and always will be.


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    I have NOT been around long enough to have seen that quilt! And what a story! I did need the tissue, too! Very bittersweet. And very nice quilt, too!

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    Love your Bricks quilt AMY! Isn't it neat when we step out of our usual fabric zone and are pleasantly surprised with the results! :)

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    oh what a quilt story. It&#39;s beautiful. That&#39;s what I love about quilting….being able to wrap a loved one. <br /><br />and i LOVE what you did with the Irish flag colors!!

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    Beautiful quilt story Amy. I did the same thing when one of our friends died in childbirth with their fifth baby. I felt helpless and wanted to do something. I made quilts from each of her children out of her clothing. I cried buckets onto those quilts, but it was therapeutic to sew them.

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