Don’t try this at home, folks

Reason #43 not to leave your sewing project unattended with a 4-year-old in the room.
Good thing I’ve got mad seam-ripper skillz.


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    Thanks for the giggle! My kids did the same when they were little, and actually my cat has done this once as well.<br /><br />You&#39;ll always be happy you took that photo!

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    Well, it could have been worse! -which is the mantra of a mom of little ones I think!<br />reminded me of a long, long time ago…<br />when I sewed at the kitchen table, I got up to do something and left the machine on and a very little person crawled under the table and just had the best time playing with the foot pedal….I remember a scream (from me) and a long time getting the machine

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    Makes me remember Christmas vacation when my two year old grandson managed to get hold of applique scissors during naptime. He cut lots of slits in the front of his shirt, and he cut a hole in the side of his pack-n-play. I was so relieved he hadn&#39;t cut himself!

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    Ohh my, I get what your saying I have four kids…..never a dull moment. Most importantly glad the 4 yr old wasn&#39;t hurt in the process…thanks for the giggle though!

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    Amy – I understand, I have a 4 year old too, and he thinks it&#39;s funny to push the pedal when I&#39;m not watching. Also, keep your scissors out of reach, I&#39;ve had 2 incidents with Troy cutting up patches.

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    Like others, at least it wasn&#39;t the scissors. I was quilting a little wall hanging and someone cut a big slit in it. It has some very creative quilting in it now. :) Good luck with the seam ripper!

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    You guys make me laugh! Yes, this is the same Sharpie artist and a few days before I found him with the rotary cutter and a recently finished quilt block. Fortunately he wasn&#39;t at an angle where he could push hard enough and fortunately he didn&#39;t turn it on himself.<br /><br />This is the first of my kids to exhibit this kind of &quot;creative energy&quot;. I think I&#39;m going to have

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    Funny! With my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter around I have to unplug (and sometimes hide!) the power cord from my machine any time I&#39;m not sitting at it!

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    I have an almost 4 yr old too. Aren&#39;t they just fascinated by the sewing machine?? When he&#39;s in the room, I can&#39;t get anything done b/c he&#39;s got to sew his name.

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    My 4 year old tried to &quot;fix&quot; my serger. She had a screwdriver in hand and loosened everything she could in what I swear was 2 minutes. I tried so hard not to yell or cry at her. But I had a good cry later when the professionals said there was nothing more they could do to make it work right after having it for 3 months. Children are embodiments of the chaos theory, albeit cute ones.

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