Field Trip Friday: Jonathan Adler store and quilt inspiration

This week we are going to visit the Jonathan Adler store in Soho.  It is also just around the corner from Purl Soho at 47 Green Street.   I love going in this place just for all the color inspiration going on. Are not those turquoise chairs fantastic?
Not living in NY, LA, Boston or Chicago, I don’t often visit a Jonathan Adler store. The first time I went there was two years ago when I was visiting my sister.  I remember seeing a Union Jack throw pillow – which may or may not have blown my mind – and definitely helped kick-off my Union Jack frenzy.
No Union Jack pillows this time – I guess that was so two-years-ago – but there were some great replacements.  Love the color and the design.
Perhaps this year the in location is Fresno.
Or Acapulco.
(Pardon the not so perfect pictures. I think the staff was nervous when I started taking pictures – which in turn made me nervous. I tried to reassure them that I was just some lady from Utah that makes quilts in her basement, wearing clothes from Target, while kids throw things at her – not some competitive threat.)
I did, however, find lots of great quilt inspiration. Wouldn’t this design make a groovy quilt?
Or this rug too.  
In the background is a upholstered magenta child-size chair.  It slightly out of my price range, but if you are looking for one, I would definitely check Jonathan Adler. It was pretty cute.


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    OH man, I'm laughing so hard about your self description. Dying actually! Also, I am totally in the market for a magenta chair. Particularly a child sized one :o)


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