Magnetic Pin Dish Tutorial

I recently found this little tomato bowl that called my name. (Maybe because I love fresh summer tomatoes with a passion.  The store-bought kind you get in the winter, make me gag. My husband thinks I’m crazy, but I know I’m not.) 
I thought this would make a really sweet little pin-dish. I found this bowl at a Pearl River Mart – a chinese supply shop that carried lots of cute rice bowls this size.
To keep those pins from sliding around and dumping out easily, I decided to magnetize the bowl.  I found these neodymium magnetic buttons in the craft aisle at Walmart.  They’re extra strong so that they’ll attract through the porcelain.  They’re also really thin so that they’ll lie comfortably under the dish. (Do you like this really professional, Martha-looking picture?? :) I was too excited to try my project before I stopped to take fancy photos.)
I attached the magnets with more E6000. Because they were small, I used two magnets to strengthen the magnetic pull.  I know these neodymium magnets come in bigger sizes, I was just too excited to try my idea so I grabbed the ones available at Walmart.
And voila – my happy little magnetic pin dish – so much more aesthetically pleasing than the royal blue plastic one I was using. This would be equally adorable with a great piece of thrift-store china. Let me know if you try it at home!


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    Love that little dish, so so cute! Have you tried the little tomato's at Costco? They are like 2 inches across and come in a package of (a lot) like 20? They are surprisingly ripe and delicious. Like amazingly so. Even in February. This is going on my project list. I'm off to find the perfect dish!

  2. Anonymous says

    What a wonderful idea. I've been using thrift store finds for years but for the regular kind of pincushion made with a needlepunched ball of wool. You idea allows all the wonderful colors and shapes in the china to shine through. Thanks for sharing. I think my next trip to the store will include magnet shopping.

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    What a wonderful idea. My magnetic pincushion is so useful that I&#39;ve put up with the fact that it&#39;s an uglybug until now…it&#39;s days are numbered though…I am now on the trail of some strong magnets. <br /><br />Thank you for the fantastic and incredibly Marthaish tutorial, <br /><br />Florence x

  4. Kathy Wilcox says

    Love this idea…Thank you so much for sharing!!<br />Love your &quot;tomaot&quot; dish…I am going to my thrift store tomorrow to see what I can find :)

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    Nothing like seeing this link on tip nut and clicking on it only to come to a blog THAT I ALREADY FOLLOW!!!!!! How did I miss this the first time? Great pin dish!!<br /><br />Ditto the summer tomatoes!<br /><br />Blessings,<br /><br />KT

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    I love this idea! I can&#39;t wait to try it. My husband is always getting on me to pick up all of my pins that seem to float around the house:)!<br /><br />Flannery @

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    Duh, why didn&#39;t I think of that? <br />But, I have a metal bowl that I got at an auto supply store instead. I&#39;m thinking that it is really ugly but very functional so… after looking at your picture I was thinking I could use some fabric and some starch or &quot;Stiffy Stuff&quot; and &quot;Line&quot; the metal bowl with the still wet fabric and it would still work but look nicer. Off to

  8. says

    <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />I already have the perfect dish. I had this same idea a while back when I found this dish. But my magnets did not work, so I will tey again using your kind. Thanks for the help!

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    I&#39;ve done this but using only one magnet, which didn&#39;t work well. I used the self adhesive extra strong magnets. I guess I&#39;ll get some more magnets and add them where I can.

  10. says

    OMG, I have two dishes that would suit this idea perfectly! An antique blue glass dish and an antique painted china dish. I&#39;ve been hanging on to them because they are so pretty, but otherwise I don&#39;t have a use for them. Now I do! Thanks!

  11. Susan says

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea. I have also used duct tape to attach my magnets so I can re use the little dish or switch it out when I find a new one at a thrift shop . I have also used glass spray paint to paint a cute dish a fun color from a thrift I store really enjoy your posts. Keep them coming

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