Simple Pin Cushion Tutorials

This is a simple little project – perfect for gifts for a sew-y friend or for adding to your own sewing space. I found these sweet little rice bowls at an Pearl River Mart – but check any Asian supply store to find a selection. Pearl River also has an online store with a selection of some of their ceramic rice bowls here.
Begin by tracing a circle about 2.5 times bigger than the circumference of you rice bowl.
Sew a large running stitch a long the outside edge of your circle.
Slightly gather the circle and stuff as FULL as you can.
Use the end of your sewing thread to pull the edges of the circle together and stitch it tightly closed.  Line the bowl with strong glue – I used E6000 – and carefully insert your fabric puff ball inside.  Allow to dry over night.
The Easiness to Cuteness ratio is pretty sweet. 
Combine this with the Magnetic Pin Dish and you’ve got quite the duo.


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    I love your sweet little tomato bowl turned pin bowl. :o) Seriously, after I post this comment, I am going to make the pin cushion!! Thank you for such a cute tutorial. I have just the bowl. :o)<br />I am doing a little something new on my blog under &quot;bartering&quot; and would love to have you drop by. :o)<br />Have a great day!<br />Sincerely ~ Tricia

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    i love the pin dish! i have tons of thrift store plates floating around…christmas is only 163 days til christmas <br /><br /><br />thanks for sharing….

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    Store bought tomatoes make me gag also! The best tomatoes I ever ate were heriloom tomatoes from a local Amish market. Yum! Love the pin dish, by the way!

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    Both of those are fabulous ideas! I never thought of magnetizing a regular dish – how creative!! I can finally make all my sewing sisters something cute for Christmas that is useful and won&#39;t take too long to make one for everyone! Thanks for sharing!!

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    The magnets UNDER the ceramic is a brilliant idea!!! I have some super strong magnets – I&#39;ll have to find a dish to try this out on.<br /><br />{and I&#39;m with you on the tomatoes – those mealy bland things are NOT edible}

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    LOVE the tomato pin dish! I know what you mean about being fresh. We canned all we could, and when we opened a jar in January, it even smelled like summer!

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    Very cute, I love the little rice bowls! I&#39;ve got a stash of vintage sundae dishes that I&#39;m planning to make in to pin cushions like this!


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