What was I thinking?

Oh, sometimes I am just so hilarious. 
Like when I plan to to do a little tutorial for a Monday blog post following a weekend where we have a Birthday girl, fun house guests (my brother-and-sister-in-law who stopped for a weekend visit part way through their  move from Lebanon, New Hampshire to Seattle, Washington), and another daughter to get ready for her first ever week of Summer Camp.  Not to mention all the regular stuff that makes summer crazy-busy!
Yeah, I just crack myself up.
Sorry to postpone making rice-bowl-pincushions. They will materialize in the near future.
In other hilarious news, remember the girl who was so over purple? Who decided her favorite color was red, so we made this red, aqua, and pink quilt?  Well, Purple is back in charge.  She swoons over purple all day long and requested a Purple Party for her birthday.  
I should have known.  (But I probably would have still made that quilt anyway. lol.)


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    Kids – don't you just love them? The quilt you made her is wonderful – hopefully she'll find that she can work it into a purple color scheme. Just remind her that she WILL grow out of her purple phase sooner or later. If that doesn't work, I've got a bolt of purple fabric that runs like a fiend in the wash – you could wash your lovely quilt with it and turn it lavender! (Just

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    I just sent my oldest off for her first week of camp (Clear Creek 5th Grade Camp). Sigh, I miss her already.<br /><br />Love those hexagons, they look exciting.

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    My middle daughter did the same thing. She picked a &quot;surfer girl&quot; room and once it was finished she asked for a Disney Princess room. Needless to say, she still has a surfer girl room. :D<br />That pink,red and aqua quilt is gorgeous!

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    Too funny that your have a fickle color lover. I guess that&#39;s how lots of kids are. I am sure she still loves the quilt. Looking forward to the tutorial! <br /><br />Where in Seattle are your bro and sis-in-law moving to? Maybe we will be neighbors!

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    Loving the red hexies, especially the fussy cut cherry one. <br />I am starting a new English Paper Piecing project, and it&#39;s going to be fun. Thanks for giving me the idea to look for fabrics that can be fussy cut, too.

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    Oh, yeah, I can relate! I still remember the day my little one told me she didn&#39;t like strawberries or chocolate….and I wondered what had happened to the little girl who, just the day before, BEGGED for a fresh strawberry pie with hot fudge topping. She&#39;s 35 now and has introduced her own kids to the strawberry patch, because you get so much more for your money that way!<br /><br />

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