Are we there yet?

What my kitchen table looks like right now. (Minus the rotary cutter.) 
Just keeping it real.

I can’t believe this day is here! School starts tomorrow. (A Wednesday. Weird, I know.) 

And I’m feeling mixed emotions. (Such is the life of a mother with kids.) How did the summer go so fast? Did I really make the most of it?  Is it bad that I’m excited to be back in a routine schedule again? Did I give them too much structure or too little? When can I take a nap? How much longer will the kitchen stay clean when it’s just me and the four-year-old at home most of the day? Can I justify watching Phineas and Ferb on my own?

Yesterday I was sorely tempted to give a rest to my ‘Turn off the TV’ chant and just let the kids go ahead and OD one last time before school starts. But the guilt got to me so we pulled out some of the projects I still had on the list.   While they were busy I even finished the quilt top for my sister.  What’s not finished (or yet started) are a couple of tops for my 11-year-old.  (Good old Simplicty 3835). They’ve been on my list all summer. Maybe today.  Probably not. But the weather is warm for a while yet.

So summer, we bid thee farewell. It’s been real. And it’s been fun.


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    First day for us tomorrow, too. I'm with you – did we do enough, too much, where did summer go, what is poor becket going to do until his school starts in September…..Two middle-schoolers gone from 7:30-3:15 every day. Maybe I'll have time to make some stuff :)

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    FOR SURE you can justify watchin Phineas and Ferb! I love that show. ; )<br /><br />I hope the kids have a great time at school tomorrow. Once they get into a routine, they will love it. Yes- Summer when by WAY too fast!

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    Hope the kiddos have a great first day and you have a great first day at home with your four-year-old.<br />Juast where did that summer go?

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    Amy:<br />What a fabulous photograph to commemorate summer for you. I&#39;m sure this one will become a special one to remind them of their childhood summers.<br />Have a creative day.<br />xoxo<br />Donna

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    You&#39;re braver than me to have your projects on your kitchen table! ;)<br /><br />Yesterday was our first day of school and I was a bit mixed too. I was glad to get back to the routine but disappointed to hear my daughter say that this wasn&#39;t a great summer because she was sick so much of it. :( But hey, there is no such thing as perfect right?<br /><br />Jennifer :)

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    My kids don&#39;t start back for two weeks yet. But I am looking forward to the rythm of school days, even though I&#39;d love it if they had a long weekend every weekend.

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    Love the quilt top! I have 1 starting next week, 1 the week after (the week in between will be fun…). We are trying to finish up some big summer projects, and there is a bit of a wii orgy going on here. And we&#39;ll be at the Y pool every day.

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    You think starting on a Wednesday is weird…we start on Thursday! Whose idea was that?!?!<br /><br />And I&#39;m glad I&#39;m not the only one that admits to enjoying a good nap every now and then when the kids are in school. ;)

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    We start tomorrow, too. We were supposed to go to the BYU Art Museum today, but I am feeling SO lazy.<br /><br />I love your photo!! What a great &quot;Goodbye&quot;.

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    I&#39;m with you all the way Amy…<br />mine start on Thursday…(even weirder than Wed) and I always haved mixed emotions too…always second guessing what I should or shouldn&#39;t have let them do!<br />I CANNOT wait until my kitchen will stay clean for atleast the 8 hours they are in school!<br />As for justifying kids tv….it&#39;s icarly all the way for me!<br />xx<br />lori

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    I too love the quilt top!! School started here today but mine are all grown up. I do live close to one though so I still get to hear and see the kids out at recess- happy memories!! I just wanted to tell you, you need to skip on over to Rosehip&#39;s blog ( she just got back from London and has some beautiful pictures. Made me think of you when I looked at them. Gorgeous!!

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    Ah…the start of school…mine are all graduated and we still feel the rhythm of the school year…also helps that two of our neighbors have 5 kids each so in two weeks we will hear the car doors slamming every morning!:)<br /><br />I remember paper flowers….so much fun.<br /><br />Guess what I have in a little baggie in my purse? Hexies!!:) You are such a bad influence….or I&#39;m a copy

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