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So, are you wondering why in the world I reposted the Table Runner Tutorial last night?  Well, awesome Kari (who I had the chance to meet this summer and is one of the sweetest real-life people too) from UCreate chose it for her Create With Me Tutorial for August.

Um, yes. I’m a tad bit excited.

Ucreate is an amazing site for all kinds of crafty ideas and tutorials. She finds the best of the best. She’s even giving away a Silhouette die-cut machine right now! And, word on the street is that Martha (yes, THAT Martha) reads UCreate. I am not making this up.

So if you’ve already made a table runner with this tutorial or you had plans to do it this month anyway, or you had it on your ‘someday list’ and all you needed was a kick in the pants to get off your duff and just do it, now is your chance to send your pictures to Kari! She could feature them at the end of the month and Martha could totally scope out YOUR table runner!  Crazy, I know!


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    congrats on yet another "feature" you gifted lady! I wanted to give you a heads up hat I have a giveaway going on with THE FAT QUARTER SHOP….giving away a layer cake of your choosing….love for you to come and visit!

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    I DID make this table runner just last week using your awesome original tutorial! In fact, I'm giving mine away today as part of my giveaway week. (But I'll be making myself one to keep!) I'll go check out UCreate.

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