The Grandmother of Hexagon Quilts

And here it is folks, my Antique store beauty.  It only seemed appropriate for the summer of Hexagons that I would find this antique Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt top. I carried it with me all through our visit at the Antique Emporium just to make sure I wasn’t making a rash decision, and in the end, I couldn’t resist.
The only quilt my grandmother ever pieced was a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt right before she got married in 1934.  My mom still has that quilt and I’ve always loved it, but it’s looking pretty raggedy after years of wrapping up kids with chicken pox or taking on family picnics.  When I found this quilt top I about fainted.  It’s not identical to the one my grandma made, but it’s so similar.  The same shade of Nile Green and definitely made in the same era.

This quilt is all hand pieced and in fabulous condition.  No stains, so fading, no signs of wear.  Probably kept neatly folded away some place safe for a lot of years. After starting my own adventures with hand sewing hexagons – much bigger than these babies I might add – I knew this was something I would never in a million years complete on my own. All those tiny hexies? No way.  And the gorgeous, mint condition vintage fabrics sealed the deal. I think I got it for a steal.

I love examining all the vintage fabrics.
And even more amazing, most of the prints are fussy-cut! 
Someone put some serious effort into this quilt.
The colors are so vibrant too. I think the reds, yellows and browns are my favorites.
I have been thinking so much about the woman – or women – (I’m assuming) who made this work of art. I wish I knew more about her.  I just hope she knows that her investment is in the hands of someone who greatly appreciates her talent and time to create such a beauty.  I’m going to hand quilt this one – probably very s.l o.w.l.y, but it’s the only way to do it justice. Hooray for happy hexies!

PS If you’re local, there’s a Garden Quilt Show today at Amy McClellan’s home in Orem, Utah. (Remember last year?)  It’s from 11:00-1:00 and you can find more details at the American Quilting Blog. Ice cream included!


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    I would have fainted! I'm so glad that it is in the hands of someone who will treasure it! I would love to know the story behind it and more about the woman who loveingly pieced it too!Enjoy!

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    Lovely photos kiddo….but they don&#39;t let people know how truly HUGE that top is!! I know….I had the luck of holding it in person….it is HUGE…no way I would every attempt to make something like that and yes Amy….it was a steal!!<br /><br />Keep us posted on your quilting progress!!:)

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    Wow – what a real treasure to love. Even more cool how you can REALLY appreciate it after doing so many hexies of your own.<br /><br />And the last photo is wonderful!

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    I think I would&#39;ve started hyperventilating when I saw the quilt. It must not have been terribly expensive or I&#39;m sure you wouldn&#39;t have bought it. Congratulations on your marvelous find!!!! WOWee!!!

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    this is so beautiful…sometime last year i came across a quilt like this at a antique shop and fell in love, and got an amazing deal on it too!!! perfect condition but mine is all that nile green, no white. i love it, which makes me understand just how much you love yours.

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    It&#39;s just gorgeous Amy! And guess what? I too found a Grandmother&#39;s Flower Garden quilt top last year at an antique shop. It too has mostly nile green and is all hand pieced. I am in the process of deciding how to finish it so I can use and enjoy it. I can&#39;t even imagine how many years it would take for me to hand quilt it. What are you going to use for a backing?

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    Holy COW!! That is tremendously beautiful. You are so fortunate to have that quilt top! My grandma has one my great-grandma made, but it&#39;s yellow where yours is green. I l love your quilt! Good eye!

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    Wow – beautiful top. You are so right that it fits that someone who appreciates the quilt for it&#39;s level of detail be the new owner. Have fun hand quilting. It can only add to it&#39;s beauty.<br /><br />AnneMarie @ Gen X Quilters

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    Amy, that quilt is absolutely amazing!!! Even if you paid thousands of dollars it would have been totally worth every penny. Just gorgeous. I am sure it is something that you will treasure.

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    Gosh I can&#39;t imagine how long it took someone to piece all of those hexagons! I swear I&#39;m going to make one that big myself one day. Good luck with the hand quilting!<br /><br />Nerys x

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    the quilt is gorgeous! I also picked one up at an antique shop..I know what ya mean about wondering about the person who invested time and love into making the top to never finish it.I am considering hand quilting mine also.Thanks for sharing,Amy

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    I love that it is a quilt top. Not quilted yet. It is perfect, beautiful, lovely, amazing. I too wonder about the maker. You can see how she planned it out. I&#39;m sure she used left overs from dresses. I love the fabrics. I would want to have it quilted. I guess hand quilted would be my preference. I think you should quilt it somehow and display it. Love it. Love it. I&#39;d love to

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    Amy Smart! Guess what….I went to my Aunt&#39;s house and she pulls out my GREAT-Grandmother&#39;s hexagon quilt! And I now own it! I was SO thrilled because of your love for hexagon quilts I know about them now! Thanks for being a quilting star!

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    Hello, I have a beautiful hexagon quilt in excellent condition made by my grandmother or great-grandmother. The flowers are on the inside row instead of the outside. Do you have any idea how much it would be worth? I&#39;m interested in selling it. It&#39;s for a double (full) bed.

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    My breath is taken away as I have a metal box with hexagons that my grandmother put together and I had no idea how to finish it. Am thinking of making 6 (for her grandchildren) smaller items… any ideas?

  16. Colby says

    Just wanted to say thanks for sharing this. I recently helped my grandmother who is now 85, clean out her storage and we found a dozen hexagon blocks in a box. It was stared bu her mother (my great grandmother) at about 1934 and was intended as a graduation gift for my grandmother. But she never finished it. My grandmother still remembers how much she was looking forward to it’s completion. Seeing the look on her face as she told me the story, I just had to take it and finish it for her. Thus starting my resurch into a pattern or pictures of a finished quilt similar to these blocks. I can’t tell you my delight in finding this on your blog! Not only do I have so many wonderful pictures to reference now, but how wonderful to see how many similar fabrics colors and prints these have in common. Now that I have an example to work from I’m realizing the hard part will be finding fabrics today that will fit well with those she has already used. Thank you again for posting this. You have made my day!


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