Sewing with Sisters

I am the oldest in my family and so far, the only one who really sews much.  For many a year, I have felt like the ‘nerdy’ one of the bunch because of this.  However, two of my sisters are expecting baby boy’s in the next two months. {Wee! Two little babies to snuggle and smell that new-baby smell, and I won’t be responsible for any diapers or midnight feedings.  This is so exciting! Except for the fact that one will live in California and one will live in Brazil. :( }
As a result of the maternal hormones and accompanying feelings of “nesting” both have been feeling more domestic.  And both asked to come to my house to sew baby burp cloths.  So when the California sister came to town, (the Brazil sister hasn’t moved yet) we pulled out a bunch of scraps and they went to town.  I merely supervised.

We used the good old Baby Burp cloth tutorial to make these. And they did very well. See, if my non-sewing sisters can do this, anyone can. Right?

We also discussed baby quilts. I need to get crackin’ on these. Here is pile #1. We’ll be using Robot scraps (because scraps is all I’ve got left.)
This pile will go with the crib bumper we made a few months ago.
My Brazil sister returned again to make a nursing cover.  Love this orange trellis fabric.
Doesn’t she look swanky?
Once again, I merely supervised and she did a very fine job.  
Perhaps another domestic goddess in the making.


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    Oh I love anything to do with stitching and making. It&#39;s such fun when we get together with others too to make. I will hop over and check out the tutorial. Thanks for sharing.<br /><br />Amelia.x

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    What wonderful things for sisters to share… sewing and babies! <br /><br />How could your sisters be anything but great with you as a teacher. Love all that they made!

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    I feel the same way you do…I&#39;m the only crafty person in the fam!<br />I learned from my grandma, who is now gone. But I picked it up quickly. And love it! I love to sew, crochet and quilt! Amongst other fun kids crafts. Love the nursing cover!

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    It&#39;s nice that you were able to do this together. It will make a sweet memory.<br /><br />I&#39;m expecting next February and now I&#39;m on my way out to the store to buy the cloth diapers. You have inspired to start sewing some of these today.<br /><br />Thanks for sharing :)

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    Lucky you to have potential sewing partners! Wish any of my 3 girls had the yen…they just come to me to make their stuff…and only one would really have the knack for it anyway. But it can get lonely…:(<br /> Funny I just finished two nursing covers and burp cloths just like those for showers last month! Make great gifts don&#39;t they?

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    I showed your pictures to my husband to let him know what everyone is doing with cloth diapers to make them cute burp cloths…he chuckled. Makes us feel a bit old even though our kids are 23 and 21…we didn&#39;t make fancy burp stuff back then!;) But then again…that was still when you put a baby on it&#39;s tummy to sleep!:o Oh my…we are dinosaurs!:)<br />See you soon!!!

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    my sister doesn&#39;t sew much either… so I feel kinda nerdy too! she just had a baby girl last week and I&#39;m really wishing I was there to snuggle her!<br />They are lucky to have you to show them the ropes. I love that burp cloth tutorial, I&#39;ve been making lots of those for baby gifts and such…

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