Another Homemade Back-to-School Shirt

The other finished top. Again, this one was sitting in this pile for way too long. Once I finally sat down to do it, it came together really fast! Except for one big thing – I cut the top too short! So I had to add the bottom fabric to lengthen it. But why am I telling you this? I should just let you think I planned  it that way. It actually made the hemming even easier. I am anxiously awaiting the 6th-grade-girls response on this one.

This is the pattern I used: Simplicity 3835. Don’t let the Cyndi Lauper inspired cover fool you. It is an awesome pattern! I was inspired by all the cute things Lera makes with this one.  I need to do more. The fabric I used is seersucker from the Sweet (or was it Swell?) collection by Moda that I found on clearance.

One other tidbit: Last Friday I was featured by AnneMarie of GenXQuilters. (When my husband saw that name, he thought it was genius.) Thanks again, AnneMarie! AnneMarie is starting a Christmas fabric swap. Check it out!


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    especially the bottom.<br /><br />Now that we&#39;re practically the same size, can I have her hand me downs? :) I guess if lil sis isn&#39;t interested, that is.

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    Cute shirt. You know, you can make them into dresses if you lengthen them. (I put darts in the back like the pattern shows, but cut the back as one piece instead of two.)

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    Not to be the annoying student in class who raises their hand to correct the teacher and show how smart they are…but its from Urban Chiks Swell, still my all time favorite line…and I am insanely jealous you have it! I have some of the red and just adore it!<br /><br />:-)

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