Saturday is a Special Day

Now that soccer schedules are done and college football keeps us around home a little more on Saturdays, I have high hopes for a productive day.  On my list:

  • get ready for an etsy shop update (think I-spy)
  • finish proofing the pattern for this quilt
  • tidy-up and organize my sewing space
  • maybe even finally hang these hoops on the wall!
But first, I’m off to sweep out the garage, finish getting the house ready to host family for my mom’s birthday tomorrow and take a shower! Whew. I love Saturday’s like this.

(Who am I kidding. Those hoops will probably still be waiting for me Monday morning.)

PS Thanks for the new red quilt love. The fabric line is mostly French General’s Lumiere de Noel by Moda


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    It&#39;s a little rainy here, and football on TV – Fall days that that are perfect for stuff at home. Especially crafting!<br /><br />LOVE that top, right hoop. I just have a few strips of that sheet and they are my favorite!! The ice blue flowers are so pretty

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    It&#39;s been a good &#39;home&#39; saturday here too! With girlie shopping, and cup cake baking and decorating! Love those special times, Happy Weekend Amy, llok forward to the pattern!

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    Your title had me singing &quot;it&#39;s the day we get ready for Sunday …&quot;<br />Sounds like your day is going to be very productive. I hope you get a few minutes in there to relax too.<br />Love the hoops by the way :)

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