Works in Progress

With school back in session I have been a busy girl. (Feels great.) Here are a few peeks at some of the things I’m working on. (I can’t take any credit for the painted rock.)
Half square-triangles. Random wanna-be stylish picture hastily taken while I should have been making dinner before our last soccer double-header of the season.

Kind of mixed emotions about soccer ending. It will be nice not to have our Saturdays and week-nights dictated by two kids’ soccer schedules. But, it was a gorgeous night with great views. And how can you not root for a team of 6-year-olds called the Gray Squids?


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    What a beautiful work in progress. :o)<br />Can you tell me what the blocks in your top picture is called? <br />What gorgeous views you have. I can see why you will miss them. :o) And how fun for the kids!!<br />Have a great day.<br />Sincerely ~ Tricia

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    That &quot;red&quot; quilt is gorgeous! I know what you mean by blogging/quilting, etc., when we&#39;re &quot;supposed&quot; to be doing something else, but what&#39;s most important, right??? Ha! Love it!

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    Love the quilt! You are so crazy productive! How do you get so much done with all your kiddies, especially extra cute littleest boy (did he do the art work on the rock)? Saw him on Sunday (Syd &amp; I laughed as we watched him patiently pacing). Your amazing! Such a great MoM!

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    Such pretty things. I love red in quilts.<br /><br />It cracks me up how the team names are always, always based on the color of the uniforms. One year my daughter&#39;s team was the Green Dragonflies, but that was long for cheering parents to shout, and eventually got shortened to Green Dragons.

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