French General Hour Glass Quilt

I finished the Hour-Glass block – that I originally shared here – for the quilt shop where I work. So, nope, I don’t get to keep this one, but it was fun to play with all that French General fabric!  

Most of the quilt is made with the Lumiere de Noel line. We also threw in any of the remaining prints we had from prior French General collections and a few other reds that were on hand.  This was quilted by a friend, Marilyn, who works at the shop. Then I put the binding on and took the pictures.

It was kind of a cool, overcast day. I loved the clouds hovering over the mountains. At the end of September we were still having 90 degree weather – which I actually didn’t mind. Suddenly a week of cool, rainy weather blew in and it suddenly felt like real fall. (Or Autumn if you live in the rest of the English speaking world. When I lived in England I remember being teased for saying “Fall” – so now I’m always a little conscious of that fact.) Whatever you like to call it, it’s my favorite time of year.

Pattern available for this quilt in THE PATTERN SHOP


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    Absolutely gorgeous!!! I'm planning to make a quilt using reds and this is pretty much what I had in mind, now I'm convinced! Really nice work, congratulations!

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    Beautiful quilt Amy! I love French General. We are supposed to be having spring weather here in Australia and we have had a few warm days and now it's cold and rainy again … crazy. Love the photo with the mountains and clouds in the background.

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    This is absolutely beautiful! I love the red and white… pretty! I am new to amylouwho's site and her "Sew & Tell Fridays" and I'm so glad that I found her site and your's as well! :-)

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    I just LOVE this quilt! :) I love it! I love it! :) I might just have to get it, er.. make one of my own. I love the French General Material…doesn't it just invite cuddling and snuggling!? :)

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