Halloween Pennant

Yeah, I have been on a roll with the Halloween fabric this year. I’m feeling highly motivated to de-stash – or to actually put to use the fabric that has been waiting patiently for, in some cases, years. So while the Halloween pile was out, I went ahead and cut some pennant triangles with my Accuquilt GO! Cutter. I’m totally happy with the end result.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend. This is what I’m going to enjoy this weekend. The last of the tomatoes. My crop was not abundant but it was sufficient. And oh I will miss them. We’ve had the most gorgeous, warm fall/autumn this year. But it looks as though this weekend is the end. Winter is coming. Drat. So yard work is on the weekend to-do list too. I can’t get out of it any more – although an out-of-control yard might just add to the spooky atmosphere.  Hmmmm . . .


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    Love those pennants. I&#39;m high enough in the county that my tomatoes have already frozen.<br /><br />The spooky dilema is a big one. My front porch is covered in morning glory vine. It is great in summer, but now it is frost dead. I want to rip it out, but DH wants to leave it until after the holiday!!

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    Such a cute idea! I always buy Halloween fabric that I like, but never know what to do with it! I&#39;m bookmarking your post :)<br />Thanks for the inspiration!

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