Halloween Quilt #1 + an ode to single moms

Finished Halloween Quilt #1.  This was a design I had in my head for a while – and I love seeing it come to fruition -esp when it actually looks like you wanted it too. (I hate when I try some new design and it just does not work. So glad that wasn’t the case this time!)

A friend, Becky, that works at the same shop I do did the quilting on this one, bless her heart.  Aren’t the spider web quilting details awesome? The fabric is from the Boo! to You collection by Riley Blake.  I’m not a big fan of the blood and gore part of Halloween and I like how this design throws in the good old Halloween motifs like ghosts and mummies and makes them cute and charming for scaredy-cats like me.

I know you’re wondering how in the world I made two Halloween quilts this year.  Totally abnormal for me, but my husband has been out of town for most of the past two weeks (yeah, not something I like to broadcast while he’s not here) so after the kids were in bed every night me and my sewing machine would go to town while I stayed up too late watching The Scarlett Pimpernel on DVD from the library.  That coupled with the fact that I just fed my kids scrambled eggs or Little Ceaser’s pizza at the kitchen counter every night while I left my mess creative endeavorers on the table for most of the time, meant I got a lot done.

To my credit, I shared the table with the kids’ creative endeavors as well and we got a lot of great Halloween decorations completed while we were waiting for Dad to get back. Because as fun as it all was to live our temporary bohemian lifestyle, we really like having Dad around.  My hat goes off to every single mother on the planet.  You are rock stars and completely heroic in my book.

Single moms have been weighing heavy on my mind (and heart) and were the whole impetus behind this very quilt.  One of my oldest friends – we’ve know each other since grade school – lost her husband to cancer last week. Talk about courage and grace. (If you want to be truly inspired, read her husband Ben’s final thoughts on his blog chronicling his battle with cancer.)

While feeling utterly helpless in Ben and Allison’s current situation I’ve been thinking a lot about another friend who lost her husband a year and a half ago – also at age 36. Her husband Chris, was another old and special friend of mine – and a total character.  He was also obsessed with Halloween – he loved going all out for it.  I kicked myself after Halloween last year for not thinking of it in time to make them a Halloween quilt in honor of their Dad. Watching Allison’s situation this year, it was not hard to remember.

And forgive me if I get a little bit deep – it’s been kind of a deep week around here – but I’m grateful to know that there is a “Father to the fatherless” (Psalm 68:5.) I know that He gives comfort and guidance when it is needed. I also know that those cases where fathers are no longer on this earth, they are close to their families and that their separation is only a temporary one.

So this quilt is for Chris’s wife and three young kids.  I don’t know exactly what they’ll do with it, but I hope they keep it around all year to think of their dad and know that it came from someone else who thinks their dad is awesome too.

If you’d like to make something similar, this free pattern at Moda Bake Shop will get you going!


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    You go, girl. Way cute quilt – beautiful thoughts – and the bit about your "temporary bohemian lifestyle" made me snerkle a little on the inside. 'Cause that's how we roll, too. :)

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    I love your quilt, great design. I agree with you, single moms have a very difficult job. I have two friends that have lost their husbands. I try to remember them when I feel stressed because my husband is traveling for work.

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    Very sweet and so thoughtful! I&#39;m sure the quilt will be loved and cherished. You did a wonderful job!!<br /><br />My husband is military, so is gone a lot. Being a single mom is a tough job, but it always reminds me that while I&#39;m tackling it, I still have his long-distance support and love…in addition to his paycheck, so I&#39;m not carrying a financial burden as well. My heart as

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    The quilt is adorable and I think you must have the prettiest background to photograph your quilts with out of any other blog I&#39;ve seen!<br /><br />Thanks for sharing your thoughts this morning too. I was a single mom for a time and my heart still goes out to moms who do it all on their own. Please know that even if they can&#39;t always say it, your support means the world to your friends!

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    Boo-tiful quilt :) I have this fabric and was wondering what to do with it… this is such a great idea! Any chance you have a pattern so I could figure out how much of each fabric I need, sizing for sashing, etc?

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    Really nice and cheerful Halloween quilt. After reading your story (tears wetting my eyes…) I am sure CHris&#39;s wife and kids will love this quilt and cuddle up underneath it at anytime they need to be close to their loved father and husband. Fantastic job. And I do agree with you that this quilt more represents a happy Halloween than the blood and violant ones. This one actually makes you

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    I don&#39;t expect to end up weeping after reading a sewing blog, but I followed the link to Ben Jacobsen&#39;s last post.<br /><br />The quilt is very thoughtful; I&#39;ll bet the other family will love it. I&#39;ve heard that sometimes it&#39;s months or years after a death that are hardest since people expect you to be feeling all better, but grief can last a long time, so it&#39;s nice to

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    I have tears. Knowing there is a &quot;Father to the fatherless&quot; has always been something that makes me cry. Always. <br />***<br />In other less teary things. I love your quilt, and those spiderwebs in the quilting are adorable!

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    You are such a great friend. I might mean more this year then last. I too am a &#39;single&#39; mom right now. My husband is in collage, 2 hours away, to make our lives better.He doesn&#39;t come home until the weekend. I am thankful I do have him and I know how you felt the week of your husband being gone. It&#39;s like half of you isn&#39;t present. It&#39;s hard… but we keep going just to

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    I&#39;m glad to know I&#39;m not the only one who gets lost in my creative endeavors and simple cooking when the hubby is away! Love the quilt.<br />This was a hard post in the end. I lost my dad to cancer this summer and although its not as devastating as a husband, I&#39;m still waiting for the hurt to stop. In the real world, one minute he is here and the next he is gone. But in my heart I

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    Giving the gift of your time, talent, and prayers is the best gift that you can give someone! <br /><br />I can relate to this post. The &quot;C&quot; word, cancer has entered our family and we have also had to make some tough decisions. Through prayer &amp; faith, we have given everything back to the Lord and just simply &quot;live&quot; as we should.<br /><br />Thank for you sharing! You are

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    This is so special, what a horrible situation I can&#39;t imagine loosing my husband I would be completely lost. Quilts truly comfort and give cuddles in a way just when we need them.

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    I don&#39;t know if Jen ever told you that Chris is my hubs&#39; cousin. When I saw this post, my heart was filled. We love Chris&#39;s family and I know they will cherish this quilt (can&#39;t wait to see this quilt in person!). It was fun to meet you at Abby&#39;s baptism.<br />-Kimi

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    That is a lovely quilt! My favorite parts are the stripes in the border and the polka dots on the binding — those just make the quilt. Thanks so much for sharing.<br /><br />xo -El

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    Hello… I have been browsing around your blog and reading and studying.. really liking what I&#39;m seeing.. then I come across this post… and you&#39;ve hooked me. =) <br />I looove finding soft and faithful hearts for the Lord here in &quot;blog land.&quot; <br /><br />~Brooke

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    I have loved this quilt since the first time I saw it last year. Do you mind if I ask you what size your made your blocks and sashing (and if there is a pattern that you sell, I&#39;d be happy to purchase it). I collected some Halloween fabrics last year and would love to make a quilt similar to this one. If you don&#39;t mind sharing the info, I can be reached at ljhlaw@cableone.net. Thanks!


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