Halloween Quilt Sneak Peak

A work in progress. Yes, I’m working on not one but two Halloween Quilts this year. (This is amazing because I’ve never even made one before.) One is for someone else. I will explain in future posts. The fabric in this one is called Boo to You! by Riley Blake. (I originally had the wrong name. :) It was late.)

It is Fall/Autumn/Otoño/Oсень/ – whatever you love to call it :) break from school around here. Kids are home, the weather has been phenomenal so we’ve been outside as much as we can, visiting our nearby mountain canyon (pictures), mini-golfing, spray-painting furniture (pictures to come), feeling guilty about avoiding the yard work I should be doing –  which leaves not much time for the computer. So a boring post. I’ll have more to share next week besides pictures of dying leaves.

Happy weekend.


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    This is going to be a gorgeous quilt when it is finished! Also love your scenery photos. I just wanted to say thank-you for your binding tutuorial. I used it yesterday for doing the binding on my 3rd quilt. I always battled with how to join up the 2 ends of the binding and your tutorial have now shown me how to do it properly. I LOVE your blog!! :)

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    Two Halloween quilts…WOW impressive. I was hoping to finish the one I started 3 years ago in time for this Halloween. *sigh*. I have started the quilting–but am bored.<br /><br />Fall break???? We have conference half-days…in November.

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    Really cute quilt, Amy! And I love your leaves – at least they are colorful! I&#39;m surrounded by two acres of trees whose leaves turn dry brown and fall off! I have one little maple tree in the corner that bravely struggles to pop some red into the picture…… 😉

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    this fabric is so cute. halloween fabrics and christmas fabrics are getting so much cuter. hope that you enjoy your day and the beautiful weather.

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    That Halloween quilt is going to be really nice….Maria would love it!:)<br /><br />BTW….leaves aren&#39;t dying…they are becoming Nature&#39;s compost so next Spring&#39;s trees will bloom like crazy!:)<br />AcK!!…did I just say that?:p Heheh!

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    I love that fabric! BTW — your husband and daughter were in my ward today. I didn&#39;t have a chance to say &quot;hi&quot; or introduce myself as a stalker or anything. I did, however, tell your MIL that I&#39;m a huge fan!

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    Cute quilt, but those photos are fabulous. We don&#39;t get much color here in SO CAL so these are great to share and enjoy.<br /><br />Thank you!

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    Wow! I&#39;ve never had the desire to make a Halloween quilt, but yours has totally changed my mind. So totally adorable. Love those bright oranges, but that green spider web block is such a cutie. Anyone would be thrilled to receive that quilt. Good job!

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    looks darling! i just finished my halloween quilt, too, with some of the same fabrics. BTW, I think it&#39;s called &#39;boo to you&#39; by riley blake :)

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