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Last week I hit Ikea on the way home from the Dentist. Fun! (Nothing like a good incentive to go to the Dentist like a stop at Ikea on the way home.) I always love to check out their fabric selection because they have great stuff at great prices. Here’s what I found new this time. Love it! So Scandinavian looking. It’s called Snoa Flinga and is only $4.99 a yard. I didn’t have a specific project in mind (maybe throw pillows?) so I only bought a yard. Now I’m wishing I bought more and I would just quilt it as is for a cool throw.

In the mean time I used a small piece like this. Instant wall art. And so much faster than sewing something.
Here’s my other new love at Ikea. The Hemnes Linen Cabinet. I LOVE this one. Wouldn’t it look awesome with stacks of folded quilts inside?They used to have a similar piece in gold; while totally awesome on it’s own, it just wouldn’t look super against my taupe colored walls. I used to look at it and contemplate how hard it would be to buy one and paint it red. Well, thank you Ikea people for doing the work for me! Now I just need to start saving my pennies!
Finally – one thing to consider when visiting Ikea on the way home from the dentist with a numb mouth: don’t eat the frozen yogurt cone until you are safely inside your car. Or you may end up like me, checking your rear view mirror only to discover the frozen yogurt dripping down your chin of which you were totally unaware.  Just a friendly warning.


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    I love that whole collection of furniture. That is too funny about yogurt runnng down your chin. :)<br /><br />I so love that store. Way too addicting. Is their material too stiff for quilts? I&#39;ve often wondered that.

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    That cabinet is wonderful! I&#39;ve got two dressers from that line, and both are in my kitchen. I&#39;ve got my microwave sitting on the red 4 drawer one, with all my dishtowels, and silverware, plastic wrap and foil &amp; the like. I&#39;ve also go the tall one in black with all the things that won&#39;t fit in my too few and totally inadequate kitchen cabinets.

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    that cabinet is fabulous! As is the yellow and white stripe in the back of it. Yes. Is it illegal to paint a nice cabinet that is in good condition, but you just want it to look like this one? I&#39;m personally of the belief that a wood finish is not sacred. We&#39;ll see what my husband says about that, though.

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    Oh. wow. That linen cabinet is to die for. I have to say that I have a whole new appreciation for dental appointments since having kids (=unfettered alone time). I had a teeth cleaning appointment last week and I was giddy with excitement. Weird.

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    Ohh! I love that cabinet (I have been obsessed with red ever since I can remember)… I have some similar red/white fabric and I&#39;ve thought of doing some throw pillows. Seeing your post has reminded me that it&#39;s buried somewhere down there….

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    That is such great fabric! I wish I lived close enough to an IKEA to go pick some up – but it&#39;s a five hour drive for me. That would make a lovely whole cloth quilt. Feel like picking some up for me?

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    I love Ikea as well :) I can never leave without buying a yard or two of something. I just got a cool glass door cabinet from there and I can&#39;t wait to stack my fabric in it.

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    I love IKEA too, but have always lived 3+ hours away. Such a great price! Their fabric I see online is wonderful! And I&#39;m nuts about anything Scandinavian!

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    I love those Ikea products too. My favorite part – well i love it all – but i think that&#39;s such a great touch that they add the very cool stripe liner. We own a few Ikea pieces too – looks great and very affordable :).

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    I absolutely love the linen cabinet! What a great piece! Whenever I think of storing quilts I think to put it on a quilt rack…but this is perfect!!

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