Oh Scrap! A giveaway!

A sneak peek of Halloween Quilt #2. Made with lots of scraps!

Are you a scrapaholic?? Scrappy quilts are my favorite kind and so I’m always hanging on to my fabric scraps because you never know when you might need them! And I always get so excited when I find the perfect place for them. (Plus I feel this weird [ok, pathetic] responsibility towards them. Like I need to provide them with a good home or something.)

The good old Table Runner tute is one of my favorite uses for scraps. 

But, if you’re like me, and your scraps are starting to take over your life, not to mention your storage space, go visit Jodi @ Pleasant Home (if you don’t already)! She is having a fun scrap-along and will help you get great joy and satisfaction out of those multiplying fabric scraps.

And just in case you are not like me (a budding hoarder who is on the road to reform), but you want to participate, I have some scraps to share!

Lots of pieces of Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern and Daisy Chain collections left over from making this quilt. Enough to fill a bulging flat rate envelope.  Leave a comment (one) to enter.  This giveaway ends Monday, October 25 at midnight.  Have fun!


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    That is a wonderful giveaway! I am starting to teach middle school girls to sew next week and know LOTS of projects that we could use such beautiful scraps for!!! Crossing my fingers!

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    I too feel that commitment to use my scraps…I think it is associated with guilt! ANYHOW, I would love to take some of that guilt…ohhh, I mean scraps off your hands. I don't have any like those! Too fun!

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    Thanks for a chance to win! I love the fact that you are making more than one Halloween project … I must confess to doing the same thing :-)

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    Oh I love, love, love scraps! They make me very happy! I've gotten to where I do alot of applique mini/doll quilts and scraps are perfect for those! :)

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    That quilt and those scraps are so gorgeous! I definately don't have enough scraps. I love the look of scrappy quilts but haven't made enough projects to have a huge variety of scraps. Thanks for a great giveaway!!

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    I don&#39;t have many scraps, but that&#39;s because before I start a project I map out EXACTLY how I&#39;m going to cut out the blocks with the very least amount of fabric possible. &#39;Tis the poor poor life of a college student.<br /><br />Beautiful fabrics. I love Amy Butler :)

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    I love your Halloween quilts and am excited to see them finished. I also love those Amy Butler scraps and would have a fun time playing around with them!<br /><br />kmthomas13 [at] yahoo

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    Thank you so much for sharing your scraps. I am kind of new to sewing so I don&#39;t really have many scraps. I have see lots of great projects to make with scraps. After seeing your beautiful scraps, I could put them to very good use!

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    Your quilts are beautiful! I can give your scraps a good home – our quilt ministry uses lots of scraps to create quilts that go to people in distress! Thanks for the chance at some beautiful goodies….

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    I love scrap quilts but I don&#39;t have pretty quilts. I make quilts for other people a lot so I have fabrics from favorite teams, scooby doo fabric, etc…just very random. Maybe I should join the scrap vomit quilt along! hahaha

  11. Anonymous says

    I don&#39;t have many scraps – fabric in the UK is more expensive than in the US. I&#39;d love these, they are gorgeous.<br /><br />sarah.bowyer@ntlworld.com

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    I love scraps! Yours are truly beautiful! I am always so inspired by what people can make with scraps and I try my best to do the same! Thanks for the opportunity to receive some beautiful fabrics!

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    Those are my colors! Aquas and greens! Painted my sewing room these colors..so peaceful and serene…I love being in there! I would love to win those scraps! They would make me very happy!

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    I feel slightly guilty entering because goodness knows I have scraps…but…not AMY BUTLER scraps so count me in. <br /><br />Beautiful quilt.

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    Yay :) My scrap stash isn&#39;t taking over yet, as I only recently started quilting, but I am sure it will get to be like that! I am just that kind of person too…

  16. Anonymous says

    I love scrappy quilts too! I&#39;m new so I could use all the scraps you&#39;ve got. Thnx<br />pizzadelong@yahoo.com

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    I actually just made an across-the-body bag for a friend with the Amy Butler Daisy Chain line. So these scraps would be perfect to add to the ones I have already! That way I might have enough to make something cool. Here&#39;s hoping!

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    Sign me up! I can always use more scraps (or at least that is what I tell myself). Thanks for the giveaway.<br />spackattak7 at hotmail dot com

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    Amy Butler is the reason I took up sewing a year ago…I would love to have some scraps from these lines I had missed out on! Perfect for the quilt-as-you-go project I am about to start. Thanks for sharing your goodies, Amy!

  20. Anonymous says

    Thanks for sharing some scraps – I&#39;m new to quilting so I&#39;m only starting my stockpile.<br /><br />Amy<br />amy-elisabeth@hotmail.com

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    I want to attempt some of the pleasant home scrappy quilts – for which I need scraps. As a newer quilter, do not have scraps of my own – and Amy Butler scraps are lovely. Thanks for this lovely giveaway.

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    Yes, you&#39;re not alone, I&#39;m also a scrapaholic! Scrappy quilts and well, anything made with scraps are one passion of mine. The only problem is that at some point you may run out of scraps and have to cut actual yardage. LOL<br />Well, I&#39;m off to sign up for the Sew Scraps Along. Your scraps provided the extra &quot;nudge&quot; (read: temptation) I needed. Thanks for a lovely,

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    Beautiful quilt. Scraps are great. It makes you feel good when you can use up even the smallest. Also you can try out all kinds of combinations you&#39;d not put together unless it was a scrappy project.

  24. Trisha says

    The colors are fabulous, and I am really enjoying your blog. I&#39;d put the scraps in my first quilt, which is slo-o-wly moving along. Should I win you can reach me at tthorme at yahoo. dot com.

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    I would love to win these scraps – one of my favorite lines that I sadly didn&#39;t get enough of while it was available. Thanks for sharing! I feel the same obligation toward my scraps as you do.

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    Love scraps, but I&#39;m just getting started quilting so I don&#39;t have many yet! Thanks for the giveaway! Love your blog and the new basic quilting series – very helpful to me.

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    Oh I love scraps… I&#39;m a beginner so I don&#39;t have many, but I see myself going in that direction. You never know what you&#39;ll be able to use them for! I&#39;ve been wanting to make a table runner, but don&#39;t have enough scraps yet to make one. So this would be perfect! I&#39;ll be happy to give your scraps a nice new home.

  28. Anonymous says

    Your scraps would be super happy in my home and I promise I will put them to good use. They will help keep me warm.<br /><br />Melissa

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    Your very generous! I would L.O.V.E your scraps like they were my own. I&#39;m a fabric hoarder in general so I don&#39;t care if they are just scraps! Can&#39;t wait to see if I win!!!

  30. Anonymous says

    Oh please!!!!!, S-C-R-A-P-S!!!!!&#39; my fave word!!!!, I&#39;d love to win them!!!<br />Melba<br />melbaks(at)yahoo(dot)com

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    Ack! I LOVE this Amy Butler colorway! It was this colorway of Midwest Modern that brought me back to sewing after a few years hiatus. I haven&#39;t been back at it long enough to have any scraps to speak of. <br /><br />Thanks!<br /><br />ambernoel226 at gmail dot com

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    New follower…actually new to the whole blogosphere. I never had any idea there were so many cool blogs devoted to quilting!!! I&#39;m glad I&#39;ve found yours. Totally loving your quilts!

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    I&#39;m just getting started with quilting so I have no scraps. Zero. Zip. Zilch. I&#39;d love a kickstart and these colors are perfect.

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    I LOVE SCRAPS!!! And I&#39;m collecting them from several friends so that I can make my own scrap quilt that will be loved forever and always!<br /><br />jaytensen@gmail.com

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    Oh that is lovely! I love your table runner – I&#39;ve been thinking of something like that for Halloween although obviously not this Halloween – too many little ones about!

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    I would love to win some of your amazing scraps! I&#39;m new to quilting and the world of blogs and FABULOUS fabrics, so I&#39;ve never used any of these amazing designer fabrics, so to win a variety of scraps to start out with would be amazing. :)<br /><br />Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway!<br />~Teresa

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    I just love your blog and have been a follower for awhile now albeit rather quietly. I would love some of your scraps. You have such wonderful fabrics and colors that you use.

  38. says

    Oooooo!!!! Your scraps are scraptastic, scrapilious, not to mention that your giveaway is scrapiffic. Scraps, scraps, so many scraps, but is there every such a thing as too many? Being a scrapaholic I would love to enter your giveaway.

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    Amy, I already have a lot of these fabrics because I have been buying the Amy Butler fabrics for a quilt so I would love your scraps. I have been considering doing a circle and square quilt. Sandra

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    Love those scraps! I always feel so guilty if I throw away scraps, hence, that is why my sewing room is bulging at the seams, but more scraps are always welcome!

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    Oh wow, the Amy Butler quilt looks great. And in my favourite colours too!! Loving it and excited about the giveaway. I love anything to do with fabric. There is just something about getting a great bundle of fabric in the mail! I go balistic with excitement! I&#39;m not too weird am I? LOL!!!<br />Anna<br />anna@ourinfo.biz

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    Wow, look at all those entries. I would love to add your scraps to my collection. How fun would it be to do the quilt along with Jodi. Thanks for the chance.

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    I must admit, your site is new to me, but so glad to have this opportunity to visit and save you wonderful site to my list. Amy Butler scraps – oh what a treat and aren&#39;t you sweet to part with them.

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    Oh my goodness…316 people are offering to give your scraps a new home! That&#39;s amazing! I need to be honest and tell you that if I win these scraps, they will be used to pretty up my UGLY ones :)

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    Your scraps will have a good home with me!! (Bonus – I&#39;m collecting aqua for an aqua and tangerine quilt — my favorites right now…)

  46. says

    Please enter me in your scrap giveaway. I can&#39;t wait to go back and look through your site. You&#39;ve made some beautiful things.<br /><br />Sara<br /><br />streitmatter95 at msn dot com

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    Beautiful scraps and gorgeous quilt! The fabrics are my favourite colours :) Thanks for the giveaway; I know I would find it very difficult to part with those scraps!<br />Crossing my fingers :)

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    Hm…I do believe I once saw that quilt hanging in American Quilting, did I not? I fell in love with it and wanted to buy the kit, but was there to buy a whole lot of fabric for another project. Thanks for the chance to at least win the scraps!

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    Hello. My name is Erika and I am a scrapaholic.<br /><br />I agonize over throwing away even the wonkiest shapes of scraps. It is totally against my nature! I promise to give your scraps a good home., and watch out for them, and love them, and sew them into a nice family. :o)

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    Oh goodness so many comments :) Well I&#39;ll still take a chance to win those lovely scraps… beautiful colors to make a lovely scrapy quilt!<br />Thank you for offering the chance! :)

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    I would love to win your scraps–as a new quilter, I don&#39;t have many scraps yet, but I love the look of scrappy quilts. Thanks for the chance to win!<br />ktyoung1(at)gmail(dot)com

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    Someone will really hit the jackpot with those scraps. They are all my favorite colors and I love Amy Butler&#39;s sense of design. I&#39;d love to have your scraps.

  53. says

    Love your scraps. I have never worked with Amy Butler fabrics before, so this would be great to try. Thanks for the chance to win.<br />Your quilt is beautiful.

  54. says

    yay for scraps and I LOVE Amy Butler!<br /><br />I just discovered your blog! I&#39;m so excited about it…now off to browse it in it&#39;s entirety!

  55. says

    what a beautiful quilt. I&#39;m painting my bedroom and I think this would be perfect on my bed. Want to send it to me? just let me know :)<br /><br />Robin in VA

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    Would love to give your scraps a new home. I promise to take them out to play OFTEN. And before using them I will make sure they like their new friends (my scraps). And have a Bonnie Hunter quilt in mind for them. I am a new follower.

  57. says

    I love scraps too, and enjoy watching those &quot;ugly&quot; pieces to see if they become a &quot;swan&quot; once they&#39;re combined with other lovelies. One never knows, huh?

  58. Christine says

    I love your scraps,they are my favourite colours! I would like to make something with them! Thanks for the giveaway.

  59. says

    Lovely! I have everything for that table runner but the time to do it :) It is on my list of &quot;things to make for Christmas gifts&quot; so thanks for the tut. <br />But I can always do with some blue and green scraps- my fav colors!

  60. Anonymous says

    I feel the same way about scraps as you do. And you have some gorgeous scraps that need to come to my house.<br /><br />Amy<br />abf3615@aol.com

  61. says

    Hello, my name is Patty and I am a scrapaholic. If I would win your scraps I promise I would give them a very good home. And I love greens!

  62. says

    I love scraps. I have a Leave No Fabric Behind policy when I sew my bags. I turn my scraps into anything I can think of .<br /><br />projectsbyjane at gmail dot com

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    Those fabric scraps are gorgeous! How fun it would be to play with them. Thanks for playing with all of us and sharing your beautiful scraps.

  64. says

    I love that line from trusty ol&#39; Amy Butler. I&#39;d love to add that to my relatively small fabric scrap collection.<br /><br />Thanks for your awesome blog (and giveaways)!

  65. says

    Oh my, my mind is racing with all the yummy goodness that could come from those scraps!!! And I LOVE the peek of the Halloween quilt, so darling!!

  66. says

    I&#39;d love to win your scraps! I am making a quilt right now mainly of scraps and these would be perfect!!<br /><br />Thanks for the great giveaway.<br />Angiepants1029@yahoo.com

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