Playing with Half-Square Triangles

I’ve been cranking out half-square triangles lately. 

 I loved the Freebird collection that came out last Spring. I was very disciplined and bought only one charm pack and traded for some yardage for a back.  The colors in this collection go so well with my American Jane  horde stash. (With the exception of the purple.) So I’ve been cutting into that too.

 And playing with the options. I haven’t even decided what I’m going to do with them all yet. I like each layout – I may just keep cranking out the hst’s and try them all! Plus – it feels good to use the stash. This is my goal these days – start depleting. Which is what motivated me to dig out all the Halloween fabric too. And I’m making progress. Pictures to come!

PS – Thanks for bearing with the “keepin’ it real” post below. And for the encouragement. I always feel like such a whiner after those unloads. But when I start having dreams that I forgot to buy my kids any Christmas presents (which I really had last week) I start to wonder about re-prioritizing. All right, that’s all for now.


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    I really dig the zigzag! I've never really done straight-up triangle blocks like this before, but wow, they look great. I think you just convinced me to try it out on my scraps too!

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    Oh I just love your post. I know it takes time to do all of those different arrangements…so thanks for taking the time to not only do it…but in sharing it with all of us! It makes me want to go and start some half square triangles.<br />Is there a favorite method you? Such as the triangle paper??

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    I LOVE them ALL!! I can see I&#39;m going to HAVE to make one/all of these…THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE INSPIRATION!! So bright, happy and cheerful!!<br />Paulette

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    Okay, I&#39;m totally voting for the zig-zag!! I have a new-found obsession with them starting around two weeks ago :) Besides, your colors are GORGEOUS and scream ziggies. I will say the diamonds are pretty darn cute, too.

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    I love each of those layouts. I can see your struggle. I would never have thought of the zig zag lines. That may be my favorite. <br /><br />On another note, a friend from Reno emailed a link to your messanger bag the other day, and I was all excited cause I &quot;knew&quot; you already. :)

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    I&#39;m jealous of the freebird charm pack. I didn&#39;t buy any of it and I&#39;m not happy with myself! I think this is one of my all time favorites! I refrained from getting it cause I&#39;m in the deplete the stash mode! <br /><br />I vote for the diamond look! It&#39;s so clean and I love the texture it makes! HST&#39;s are my arch nemesis. Even with thangles. Do you have any tips and

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    I&#39;m sitting here looking at so many great ideas! Wow…I really want to get busy…I have some fabric I need to get cutting…cause these triangles are inspiring! =)

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    Oh my- the diamonds! I just love it. You are so inspiring! I mean that- so much! I check your blog (you are one of my favorite, favorite, favorites) and love how much inspiration I always walk away with! And I should tell you more often! Thank you ;).

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    I have a charm pack waiting to be cut, this seems like a good idea! I like the second ziggy zaggy design. The last one is more of what we have seen before, but the middle one is different. Can&#39;t wait to see if finished.

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    I&#39;m loving the look of these – I really am! You have such great looking easy ideas for quilts that are so suited to me and my tastes!! Thankyou for putting in the time to share your ideas and inspiration with all us avid creators too!!<br />Anna<br />

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    First off – LOVE the colors.<br /><br />I like the zig zag one the most. Though those colors with any pattern looks gorgeous. <br /><br />Great post. Love the different varieties of matching up those half triangles :)

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    This is lovely … bright! I just finished a hst with my Freebird stash (and have another one in the works) … I used chocolate instead of white (which made it hard to use the browns) but loved the brightness with both the chocolate as well as the brown … ended up with a envelope pattern with the HSTs!

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    I&#39;m interested in making a similar zig-zag quilt for a crib and I was wondering what the size of your half-square triangles were. LOVE all of your variations. Keep posting!

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    I&#39;m interested in making a similar zig-zag quilt for a crib and I was wondering what the size of your half-square triangles were. LOVE all of your variations. Keep posting!

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    Amy, what is the finished size of of each square? It looks like 2&quot;. The quilt looks beautiful. Wonderful job.<br /><br />

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