Two new loves: a quilt and a boy

This quilt (previously chronicled here – as well as my fashion faux-pas) is now finished. And I am in love. If it weren’t for an adorable new nephew with whom I am trying to curry good favor and a cherished title of “favorite aunt” (the competition is stiff!), I just may not have given it up.

(Cue gratuitous ‘cute baby photo.’)
Look at this boy. Can you blame me?? 

I think that one of the things that I love about this quilt is that none of the prints came from the same fabric collection.  My sister chose the Alexander Henry jungle print – which we used on the back – and from there she just looked for colors.  (A good example of using a focus fabric and then pulling coordinating fabrics.) The white sashing definitely ties everything together.

I like how it isn’t your traditional baby boy look, but it’s definitely boy. Do you know what I mean? The quilt is going to go with this bumper pad. I also like that the quilt and bumper coordinate but aren’t super matchy-matchy. (That’s what you get when both parents are artistic. I mean, look how their kid turned out.) I may take the scraps and make one to keep for myself.

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    Whoa – he is SO adorable! I love them when they&#39;re all snuggled in their soft one-piece outfits.<br /><br />And the quilt is awesome – I should &#39;shop my stash&#39; that same way for the next quilt I make.

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    That is a gorgeous quilt – and I love the fact that you paired up the fabrics by yourself! That&#39;s becoming a lost art, I&#39;m afraid….. And that baby is just adorable! I don&#39;t blame you for going for title of Favorite Auntie!

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    I can&#39;t blame you one bit for wanting to earn the title of &quot;most favored aunt&quot; when your nephew is so gorgeous! He is going to love that quilt–and you so very much!

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    Oh Amy…Congrats…I don&#39;t blame you for wanting to be the &quot;Fav&quot; Auntie!:) I&#39;m sure that will be no problem for you. Your new nephew is beautiful!!<br /><br />Yes, I love that AH print. I used that on my baby boy&#39;s quilt too…my 21 year old baby boy!:p

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    Such a sweet baby boy, and I&#39;m loving that you used so many different fabric lines. I need to venture out of the box and do that more often!

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    Beautiful!! Love the colors and all the fun fabrics. I would have loved this for Chase&#39;s room when he was little. His nursery stuff was all safari themed. What a talent you are! And that little baby boy is too darling. Just want to give him a little kiss on his sweet little bald head. :)

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    He has to be one of the handsomest babies I&#39;ve ever seen! What a sweetheart. I do love the quilt. Your sister has a good eye (it seems to run in the family). All that sashing can be hard to line up but you have it done perfectly! Thanks for sharing.

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    This is a beautiful quilt! I just stumbled across your blog and you have an amazing talent. Did you use a pattern for this one? I have been dying to make one where the squares are a little different but I have been avoiding drawing up a pattern for myself and figuring out all the measurments. Let me know how you did it! Thanks!

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    Oh I don&#39;t normally get all goooey over babies, but he&#39;s just adoooooorable! The quilt&#39;s not bad too! LOL Pretty darn cute the pair of them!

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    I love it! It looks super soft too! What a sweet baby! I have one of those at my house, a sweet little angel-nephew. So much fun! I want to see the coordinating but not matching bumper pad!

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    He is adorable and I&#39;m sure he&#39;ll have all his aunties wrapped around his pinkie quicker than we can blink!<br /><br />He also looks dressed to match your quilt so maybe you&#39;ve made some serious inroads in being the favorite? It&#39;s a beautiful quilt and I&#39;m sure it will be precious to him.

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    He is precious and deserves an adorable quilt. I am quite sure you&#39;ll be favorite aunt! Its a good title to have, and one that I am quite proud to hold myself. I always tell people that being an aunt is my favorite job in the world.

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    Amy, you do such beautiful work. Bret and Laura did too. :) He&#39;s adorable and has grown so much since we saw him last month. I wish they could have brought the quilt on their visit to us, but will look forward to seeing it another time. You&#39;re a gem.

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    This is GORGEOUS!! I want to do something like this with all the Heather Ross fabric I just got. A very blue and orange look. Did you follow a pattern or just make it up! You are so great! LOVE it!!<br /><br />PS – glad you linked up!

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    Good gravy – that is a beautiful quilt! You did a fantastic job. And I could just eat that little sweet boy! Thanks for sharing. To me the hardest part of quilting is picking fabric. Your sister did a great job!!

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    Sheila,<br /><br />Hoping you will see this comment as I don&#39;t have a return email address for you.<br /><br />I don&#39;t have a name for this pattern – I made it up as I went along. :) It&#39;s been a while, but I&#39;m pretty sure I just made 7&quot; (finished) blocks and sashed it with 1&quot; (finished) strips. I hope that helps a little!<br /><br />Amy


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