Felt Circle Pillow and Someday Crafts

This little felt-circle pillow was my weekend project. I LOVE how it came together. And so much faster than I thought. Today I’m guest blogging over at Someday Crafts and sharing the tutorial to make your very own! And it’s even easier than it looks!

And it looks great with the Snowflake felt pillow from last year.

If you haven’t visited the Someday Crafts blog, you must go. Michelle started her blog as a way to save great crafting tutorials to make “someday”. The great thing is she does all the work finding creative stuff and shares it all in one place! She is a great resource. I met Michelle last summer. She is one of the funniest and most genuinely kind people I’ve met. I love meeting cool people. Go visit her!

A happy weekend

 A busy, happy, family weekend around here. We’ve been having an great time with my husband’s family in town from Maryland.  My mother-in-law made 9 pies! YUM. And my husband’s brined turkey was a home run. Oh my goodness. I am officially declaring him responsible for Thanksgiving turkey for the rest of his life.

I’ve also been working on my project. I’ll have it ready to share on Monday.
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Also, many thanks to We All Sew for their DofaQuilter shoutout this week. Have you visited WeAllSew.com? A great sewing resource sponsored by Bernina. My machine is a 30+ year-old Bernina and I LOVE it. Totally no-frills, but a heavy-duty work horse. We’re a good pair.

A Thankful Heart

From my back porch last week
“A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, 
but the parent of all other virtues.”
               –Cicero, Roman philosopher

“A thankful heart is a happy heart.”
— Junior Asparagus, the Veggie Tales

Happy Thanksgiving from Utah.

A little shopping FYI

These circles are for a little project I’m working on this week. Details and instructions to follow. Stay tuned. I cut these circles with my AccuQuilt die. Hallelujah.  If you’re looking for any AccuQuilt loot this holiday season, they are kicking off a big sale today. Details here.
Also, the Retro Christmas Quilt pattern is finished and ready for download for only $6.50.
  • Fabric requirements: 1 1/8 yard total of scraps and remnants for novelty blocks, 3/8 yard for post blocks, 2 yards solid white, 1/2 yard binding, 3 1/2 yards for back.
  • 3 page color PDF format, instantly downloadable.
This quilt is super fast and very beginner level.  Yes, you could pull it off before Christmas!
All this fun and no camping out in front of Walmart in a sleeping bag! 

A little bit of Fall Thrifting

I haven’t done a lot of thrifting lately. Mainly because I am actively trying to de-junk my house and adding more junk (no matter how desireable it might be) seams to defeat the purpose of my de-junking. But when I happened to be at the thrift store looking for some Halloween items I ran across a couple of little lovelies.

I was in need of a little more ‘height’ in my fall decor on my mantle and I found these two Japanese stoneware plates for 75 cents each. They’ve been a nice addition.

I’ve also been much more disciplined in buying vintage sheets until I finally DO something with the ones I already have.  But I couldn’t pass this one by. 
Especially because it’s kind of the Holy Grail of thrifted sheets – a perfect sheet still in it’s original package! I have this print in blue, but I’ve never seen this one in this color scheme. Don’t ask me what I’m going to do with it.
Here’s the silliness of this purchase.  The sheet was priced $5.99 (is it just me or have thrift stores caught on and are charging more for linens? Oh well, more power to them.) The original price tag was also still on the packaging. Am I right in thinking someone got this sheet for $3.33 at Grand Central back in the day?? Well, there’s a little lesson in inflation for you!
Happy end of Fall! (At least around here. Blizzard coming this way tonight and 19 degree (F) high temperature predicted for tomorrow. BRR! I don’t remember a Thanksgiving this cold!  We’re hosting my husband’s family at our house this year. Lots more to do! (I’m going to try brining my turkey for the first time ever. Calli gave me confidence that I can do it. Actually, I might let my husband do it. He’s actually more excited about the process than I am, so I’ll let him. :)

Green Binding Update

Oh no! I’ve led you all astray. (I HATE when I do that.) While YES the green polka dot binding IS from Lecien, it is NOT part of the Holiday Happy collection. (I bought the chipper dots at my local quilt shop and they had it displayed WITH the Holiday Happy so I just assumed.) Sorry, should have checked before I tried to sound like such a fabric know-it-all.  

The green dot is one of Lecien’s Color Basics.  It is number 4505 G to be precise. To be honest, I am having a hard time finding some online.  If anyone else finds some, please share.  If you are desperate to get your hands on some, send me an email. I’ll call the shop and see how much they have available.
So much for trying to use something that was readily available. D’oh! Sorry to mislead. And sorry about the CAPITALIZATION epidemic. I sound so pre-teen dramatic that way.