Green Binding Update

Oh no! I’ve led you all astray. (I HATE when I do that.) While YES the green polka dot binding IS from Lecien, it is NOT part of the Holiday Happy collection. (I bought the chipper dots at my local quilt shop and they had it displayed WITH the Holiday Happy so I just assumed.) Sorry, should have checked before I tried to sound like such a fabric know-it-all.  

The green dot is one of Lecien’s Color Basics.  It is number 4505 G to be precise. To be honest, I am having a hard time finding some online.  If anyone else finds some, please share.  If you are desperate to get your hands on some, send me an email. I’ll call the shop and see how much they have available.
So much for trying to use something that was readily available. D’oh! Sorry to mislead. And sorry about the CAPITALIZATION epidemic. I sound so pre-teen dramatic that way.


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    Pre-teen dramatic….bwhahahahaaa!! You just wait until your kids are that age!:) I was lucky and my two didn&#39;t overdramtize anything…but their friends…oh my!:)<br /><br />So….is the backing part of Happy Holiday….I would love to get some of that!!

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    LOL! That is so funny because I looked at about four online stores and got really cheesed off when I couldn&#39;t find it – thought you&#39;d caused worldwide sell-out!<br /><br />Now my mind is at rest, thank you ! No harm done, btw … browsing fabric is never a chore!

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    I am pre-teen dramatic ALL the time. I LOVE capitalizations. And that green polka dot IS absolutely EXTREMELY pretty. Thanks for sharing the facts. I&#39;ll browse around for it.

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    Haven&#39;t found it yet online, and would love some….I do have some of the Riley Blake green dots from Rainy Days and Mondays, do you have that on hand and think it will match?? Otherwise, keep me posted is someone &quot;spots&quot; the Lecien (ha ha!), if not I may take you up on the order of contacting your quilt shop!<br /><br />Thanks, Amy!

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    oh I did have some of it in my store and sold the last metre on monday!! I love lecien colour basics dots for my bindings and that is the MOST perfect green!<br /><br />corrie:)

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