A happy weekend

 A busy, happy, family weekend around here. We’ve been having an great time with my husband’s family in town from Maryland.  My mother-in-law made 9 pies! YUM. And my husband’s brined turkey was a home run. Oh my goodness. I am officially declaring him responsible for Thanksgiving turkey for the rest of his life.

I’ve also been working on my project. I’ll have it ready to share on Monday.
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Also, many thanks to We All Sew for their DofaQuilter shoutout this week. Have you visited WeAllSew.com? A great sewing resource sponsored by Bernina. My machine is a 30+ year-old Bernina and I LOVE it. Totally no-frills, but a heavy-duty work horse. We’re a good pair.


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    Even though I am stuffed I am drooling….drooling for the pies and drooling for your felty project!:)<br /><br />Got the fabric…you are too generous!! I want to start on it now but alas I had to put it all away so I couldn&#39;t see the fabric staring at me!!!<br /><br />So…how much snow did you get?

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