A Fallish afternoon

It’s a fallish day here. I wish I could just sit at my sewing machine with this tree outside the window next to me, sipping hot chocolate, watching Jane Austen movies. Sounds lovely. And maybe a unicorn will come lay it’s head in my lap and share my cocoa. . .
Instead, we’re off to an afternoon of four consecutive kid dentist appointments. 
Wish me luck!


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    Good luck at the dentist. I'm streaming Christmas music and waiting fo rthe rain to turn to snow (as I stare at the pile of laundry and dream of making a pencil skirt).

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    aww that does sound lovely… Hope all the dental appts. went well. I too have had to spend time in the Dentist with my kids, plus the DMV where my son got his permit today!!!! ahhh! Mica/The Child's Paper

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    Oh my word! I almost spit out my afternoon coffee! I was not expecting the unicorn in your lap comment…hilarious!! 😉 That tree is beautiful…as are the quilts 😀

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    LOVE your Bliss quilt! Did you make it from one charm pack? I have one sitting around waiting to be made into a baby girl quilt . . . just waiting for the right idea!

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    I would bring the hot chocolate if we could turn up the Austen to be heard over our sewing machines!!! Sounds like our days were similar. Orthodontists and flu shots all around!!! Sheeeesh.<br /><br /><br />Blessings,<br /><br />KT

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    Anyday you are free I&#39;ll bring the cocoa, you bring the unicorn and we&#39;ll watch Jane Austen movies and watch the leaves fall. You know, and watch Creamie stomp around in her rainboots or whatever else she has in mind that she can not live without :o)<br /><br />Sounds like a perfect day. All except the dentist part. Hope it went well!

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