A little bit of Fall Thrifting

I haven’t done a lot of thrifting lately. Mainly because I am actively trying to de-junk my house and adding more junk (no matter how desireable it might be) seams to defeat the purpose of my de-junking. But when I happened to be at the thrift store looking for some Halloween items I ran across a couple of little lovelies.

I was in need of a little more ‘height’ in my fall decor on my mantle and I found these two Japanese stoneware plates for 75 cents each. They’ve been a nice addition.

I’ve also been much more disciplined in buying vintage sheets until I finally DO something with the ones I already have.  But I couldn’t pass this one by. 
Especially because it’s kind of the Holy Grail of thrifted sheets – a perfect sheet still in it’s original package! I have this print in blue, but I’ve never seen this one in this color scheme. Don’t ask me what I’m going to do with it.
Here’s the silliness of this purchase.  The sheet was priced $5.99 (is it just me or have thrift stores caught on and are charging more for linens? Oh well, more power to them.) The original price tag was also still on the packaging. Am I right in thinking someone got this sheet for $3.33 at Grand Central back in the day?? Well, there’s a little lesson in inflation for you!
Happy end of Fall! (At least around here. Blizzard coming this way tonight and 19 degree (F) high temperature predicted for tomorrow. BRR! I don’t remember a Thanksgiving this cold!  We’re hosting my husband’s family at our house this year. Lots more to do! (I’m going to try brining my turkey for the first time ever. Calli gave me confidence that I can do it. Actually, I might let my husband do it. He’s actually more excited about the process than I am, so I’ll let him. :)


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    I&#39;m with Aunt Spicy!;)<br /><br />You&#39;ll get the cold/snow…I think we are going to get the rain. But that&#39;s ok, last year was Thanksgiving Blackout…power went out just as we were sitting down to dinner and stayed out til the nex morning!<br />With more family in the house you all will be toasty!

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    Pfft… who needs an excuse to buy (another) sheet?? not me. :) The great thing about brining a turkey in cold weather is that you can just stick the bucket (covered, of course) on the back porch. You can do it!!

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    I&#39;ve done the Alton Brown way of brining the turkey in an Igloo for a few years now. It works great. Good luck to your husband – you will love the results.

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    Hooray for blizzard warnings. We&#39;ll endure it together. :)<br /><br />I am lovin the sheet. Good for you for resisting thrifting. I can&#39;t walk inside a thrift store and not indulge, so I&#39;m just staying away for now . . .<br /><br />Happy Thanksgiving. And be safe. (I&#39;m getting all of my driving done before this afternoon.)

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    That pricing suck! lol Grand central that is nice to see, have not seen that in years, most people don&#39;t even know what that is. Love thrifts!

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    I can attest to the fact that a brined turkey is the very best turkey that I have EVER had! I have been around for quite a few Thanksgivings so that actually means something.<br /><br />Hubby uses the Alton Brown recipe for brining and it works wonderfully (but we didn&#39;t buy an Igloo cooler, we use a huge stock pot or a sterilized 5 gallon bucket.<br /><br />It&#39;s worth the effort, I

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    Ooh, you should definitely brine your turkey. I convinced my mom to do it last year (we were at her house for Thanksgiving) and it was so moist! Yum!

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    When you find a plan for those sheets, let us know because I have a mountainous stack, too. What I need to do is find a sheet swap so I can get more variety, but my timing is always off:-( Boo!<br /><br />Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving. It&#39;s 80 degrees here in Texas right now. Oh, and I&#39;m Danielle, a relatively new follower.

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    That&#39;s such a pretty pattern, very nice!<br /><br />And we LOVE brining our turkey — it turns out so moist and yummy. We use Alton Brown&#39;s recipe and it works really well. Good luck, I&#39;m sure you&#39;ll do great!

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    Love the plates, love the sheet! I have that pattern in pink. I recently purchased a vintage sewing pattern from the 40&#39;s that was originally priced at $.25. And I paid double and was thrilled with my purchase.<br /><br />So, quick accu-amazing circle cutter question for you. What sizes are those circles? ON second thought, I suppose tomorrow you&#39;ll post something about it. I&#39;ll

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    35 years ago, I was in kindergarten, living in Idaho Falls, my parents had just divorced. I LOVED going to Grand Central. It was as good as going to Target is now. I haven&#39;t been there since we moved right before first grade started.

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