A new paint job

Remember these chairs?
 And these? 

Now look at the Forest Green thrifted chairs. Now back to the gorgeousness above, now back to these. Sadly, these chairs are not as pretty in their circa 1996-matte-finish state. But the thing they do have going for them is their sturdy construction, able to withstand the rigors of a chaotic family. And the fact that they were super cheap.  And the fact that I knew that those chairs are the chairs that these chairs could be like.

Cue Krylon spray paint: and Voila. A whole new set of chairs to love.
I sanded a little and sprayed with a coat of primer before spray-painting a couple coats of color.
Colors used: Georgia Clay, Ivy Leaf, and Bahama Blue. (All from Wal-Mart.  I went to a local craft store figuring they would have the most artistic spray-paint color palette and was totally disappointed. Then when I was grocery shopping I happened to walk past the paint section at WM and they had a spray-paint selection twice as big as the craft store and the paint was less than half the cost. Not trying to brainwash you into being a big-box store consumerist; I’m just stating the facts.)  
I’m still playing with faux-finishing and they need a good shellacking of polyurethane before they’re ready to withstand the abuse they’ll surely take, but I’m excited by the immediate change. Woo!

And finally, here is a little recent garage sale find. A great little end-table for $5. I haven’t decided what color I’m going to paint it yet. Deciding between what’s left of the paint used for my hutch last year or something brighter like the chairs. And yet I had pangs of guilt because, while this is totally not my style (I am not a great aficionado of Southwest art and decor), I am a great appreciator of the time it must have taken some sweet lady (I’m assuming) to put this kind of detail on this piece of furniture.  I mean, check out those geckos . . .I keep feeling like I should give this to someone who loves it just the way it is. Oh the guilt . . .


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    Good Morning Amy. :o)<br />Your chairs look beautiful! You really did a nice job and they will be so much fun to sit at, around the table. :o)<br />Did you need to sand or strip the previous paint off?<br />I hope you have been having a nice week.<br />Sincerely – Tricia

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    Great chairs! If the previous owner was ready to get rid of her table she won&#39;t mind you painting it. I have to agree that multi-colored is fun, but southwestern multi-colored is…well, not my style.

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    Great job on the chairs….and that table…whew…paint away! :o) It does seem like it took someone a good bit of time to make it their own, but now it&#39;s time to make it your own. Have fun!

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    LOVE the chairs! Yes- that table needs some help. It made the original owner happy so now you need to make you the owner happy…paint it!

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    Paint it, Paint it, Paint it!;)<br /><br />Ivy leaf? Looks yellow to me! They all look great, any of those colors or the hutch color would suit just fine. Take a family vote!!;)<br /><br />It is pouring here!

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    Paint it, Paint it, Paint it!;)<br /><br />Ivy leaf? Looks yellow to me! They all look great, any of those colors or the hutch color would suit just fine. Take a family vote!!;)<br /><br />It is pouring here!

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    I remember you posting those chairs! I thought it was a gorgeous picture. Love the new chairs! I&#39;m thinking I should do that to my plain black chairs. How did you prep them?<br /><br />Wow, I can&#39;t wait to see what you do to the table!

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    I swear we are home improvement twins right now; I&#39;m staining/painting/glazing some battered barstools and it makes a world of difference. So does the bulletproof polyurethane for a kid-friendly household. If you need help with/supplies for a faux finish, call me. I bought a pint of tintable glaze for this project; there&#39;s no way I&#39;ll use even close to the whole thing.<br /><br />.

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    PAINT IT! Yes, it must&#39;ve taken someone forever to do that (and well, I might add) but that style is so over it&#39;s not even funny. No guilt!<br /><br />I love what you&#39;ve done with your chairs. It&#39;s what I&#39;ve wanted to do FOREVER but we don&#39;t have a kitchen set yet. I lived vicariously through my daughter and made her a Barbie kitchen set with different colored chairs

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    Ok – love the chairs – but! Completely unrelated….<br /><br />Have you seen the spoof Sesame Street did with Grover for the Old Spice commercial????<br /><br />Hilarious!! And EXTREMELY hilarious when you catch your 4 year old quoting it!!!

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    I love that little end table, it would look great in a quilt studio. But why not design a quilt from the tabel top. It would look great.

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    Just curious…how the table is finished that the &quot;new chairs&quot; go with. I have been wanting to give mine a redo….but haven&#39;t found the courage yet :)

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    I like that table…but I think it probably came out of a Mexican Resturant..you&#39;ve probably painted this 2 years back but I&#39;m surfing and writing. 😉

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