Robot Quilt 2.0 for new nephew #2

Remember the robot blocks from this summer? The quilt is finally finished.

This quilt is for this little guy. Another sister of mine had her first baby boy too! We did some baby sewing this summer and now both babies are here. These little cousins are just about a month apart. This guy was visiting from California last week, but I didn’t get any baby snuggling because I was the last man standing who didn’t get the throw-ups and I was feeling petrified at the thought of sharing. Sad. I’ll have to wait until Christmas.

Some close-ups.  I’m still in love with David Walker’s Robots line. I’ve been hoarding my scraps from this quilt last summer  for just the right project.  This was the perfect worthy cause.

I am also pleased with this one, because I did the machine quilting myself. Woo! While I still have serious inadequacy issues with free-motion quilting, I knew that straight lines would compliment this design best and after doing the Halloween Quilt, I was feeling empowered. I’m mostly pleased with how it turned out.

The back side.
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    I just love your quilts. I just finished a quilt recently and I did the backing like you. I worked great especially with me not buying enough backing of one fabric. Keep up the great work.

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    My husband and daughter were looking over my shoulder and said:<br /><br />Husband &quot;Robot quilt! Robots are taking over the world and making quilts! Taking jobs away from quilters!&quot; He thinks he is Very Funny.<br /><br />My 10 year-old daughters comment: &quot;Robot quilt? It&#39;s a log cabin quilt!&quot; I was impressed she could see the underlying design. <br /><br />They need

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    I love this quilt! Love the fabric and the straight line quilting. It is so cute. My boys are 6 and 4 and I know they would love something like that so I am sure your little nephew will love it for years and years.

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    Love it. I have a stack of that Robots line in my closet. I&#39;m saving it for when my boy is ready to move to a big boy bed. I can hardly wait to cut into it!

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    This is adorable! I made a quilt for my new nephew from this line, and I loved it! I am hoarding my leftovers until I think of just the right project! I love this line, perfect for a little boy!

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