Thursday, November 18, 2010

Two new Patterns

After a few years of writing patterns for a local quilt shop, and after a few requests, I am finally getting my act together and polishing and publishing some of them.  These are the latest two. Both patterns come as instantly downloadable PDF files, 4 pages long with color photos.  They will continue to be available in my Pattern Shop.

Windows Quilt Pattern $7.50

This pattern is charm pack and scrap friendly. I've also done all the math and written it so that there is minimal amounts of wasted fabric (because I hate fabric waste!)  Fabric Requirements: 35 print 5” squares (1 Charm Pack or a total of ¾ yards of fabric), 2 yards total of various 2 ¼" and 3" strips, Sashing: 1 ¾  yard solid white fabric, Outside print border: 1 yard, Binding fabric: ½ yard (or 5/8 yard if you prefer bias binding), Back: 3 ½ yards. 

Hour Glass Quilt Pattern $8.00

This quilt pattern is Layer Cake Friendly and a lot faster and easier than it looks. The fabric requirements are: 48 – 10” squares (1 layer cake + two 1/3 yard cuts of fabric OR twelve 1/3 yard cuts) Inside border – ¼ yard fabric, Outside border - 1 1/3 yard, Binding – ½ yard  Backing – 3 ¾ yards

Kits for this Hour Glass quilt (pattern is included) are still available at American Quilting in Orem, Utah.  You can order one by calling 801-802-7841.  There are three options for border fabrics (subject to availability):



  1. Amy, you are so talented. I love these quilts! ... So many that I want to make ... so little time ...

  2. Both quilts are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your talent - right down to making sure the math is all good, so that we don't waste fabric (just, like you, I want to use up every precious bit).

  3. Amy, these are some beautiful quilts! I haven't been by your blog in ages, but thought of you as I'm planning another trip to the UK next week! Wondering if you have any recommendations for me? (You served your mission there, right?) It's my 3rd trip over there, but there is so much to see, each time something new.
    So far our plans are London for 1 week, followed by Manchester (to stay with friends) and up to Glasgow & Edinburgh, then back down to London.

    Cheers & quilts,

  4. Amy, are so talented! I love the Hour Glass quilt so much, you have me wondering whether there would be time to get a quilt made before Christmas. I can just see it over the back of my sofa.

  5. Both of these quilts are so pretty! You did a wonderful job on them. Congratulations on designing the patterns. Love & blessings from NC!

  6. Amy, thanks so much for the windows quilt pattern, I love it. I have been waiting for the perfect pattern to use my beautiful Amy Butler fabric, now I have it. Yay!!!

  7. I just LOVE the colors of the hourglass quilt! I wish I could buy a kit that had all the same fabrics in it!

  8. I just LOVE the colors of the hourglass quilt! I wish I could buy a kit that had all the same fabrics in it!


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