A Christmas Quilt

This quilt was made as a Christmas gift this year, but I can share it because I already presented it to it’s recipients.  For years now I’ve wanted to make a quilt for my husband’s parents, but I’ve had a hard time deciding on just the right quilt to make. In November I suddenly knew exactly what I should do. (I love when that happens.)

I had a little collection of nine-patch blocks made from Civil War-era reproduction fabrics. I pulled them together into a quilt that made me totally happy for many reasons.

First, I love the brown in there – gives the quilt some depth and makes it not just “Christmas-y.”

Second, my in-laws live in Frederick, Maryland – right in the middle of Civil War battlefields and memorials, so a Civil War-inspired quilt seems fitting.

Third, whenever I think of Civil War and Christmas put together, I think of Little Women. I LOVE that book and the 1994 movie too. (Makes me cry every time.) Well, the first time I met my husband’s family (when we were dating) my then-future-husband’s younger brother  kept pointing to my hair (which was long at the time) and talking about “Little Homen”. His mom immediately cracked-up and explained that he loved Little Women and we had a great bonding moment over that movie. I took it as a sign right away that I would really like this family. :)  And I was right.  We had a great time with them here over Thanksgiving and I was able to give them the quilt then. And I will happily add that it was joyously received.Yay!

I also love that this quilt came entirely from the stash.  I think the binding fabric may be my favorite of all.

And now, here we are almost half-way through December. I can’t believe how fast this month is flying by. I keep trying to stop and savor the season. It’s kind of not fair that as a kid, December seems interminable and Christmas takes forever to come, but as an adult the month passes too quickly.  WAY too quickly.


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    What a perfectly lovely quilt and the sentiment behind it is so sweet. I love the stories behind the quilts! I love everything about this quilt and the addition of the brown and that wonderful binding just makes this quilt so warm and inviting. I'm sure your in-laws will treasure it always!

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    That is a lovely quilt and a lovely story! I must have read Little Women at least a dozen time while growing up, and cried and laughed while doing it… outloud! <br /><br />I also like the fact that you made it entirely from stash!

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    A beautiful quilt and a beautiful story to go with it. I&#39;m sure it will be cherished for years. Have a wonderful Christmas season with your friends and family.

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    That quilt you see? That&#39;s MY quilt! I am the mother of the boy who loved &quot;Homan&quot; and the mother-in-law of your favorite quilter. Am I ever lucky! BTW, the pictures don&#39;t do justice to the depth of the colors. I too love the story behind the quilt and Amy&#39;s thoughtfulness that goes with her creativity. And the quilt will NOT be put away with the Christmas decorations.

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    Beautiful! I love a classic quilt and I&#39;m sure your husband&#39;s family will love it as well. The colors are perfect and I think the binding is my favorite part too!<br /><br />Jennifer :)

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