Easy Stocking Tutorial – Tomorrow!

Sorry for the technical difficulties folks. I thought I set this to go for tomorrow and it magically showed up a day early! So some of you got a sneak peak. (I’m feeling rather like a dork – blame it on the brain mush of December.)

So come back tomorrow for the details. And I’ll have the template glitch fixed by then too! Thanks!


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    This is by far the easiest stocking I think that can be made! Love it! I'll have to come back and see if i can download the template because it isn't working for me at this time. {Google is known to have it's problems.}

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    It's been mentioned above, but the link to the stocking template leads to a "missing page" in Google. *grin* That aside, I like the thought of lined stockings and skipping the nuisance of tangled, knotted threads!

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