May your days be Merry and Bright . . .

 Merry Christmas 2010 to all you people!

It’s been a lovely Christmas here. We’ve visited with Granparents and cousins, built multiple lego creations and stuffed ourselves silly, among many other good things. I hope it’s been equally happy where you are.

And now we enter one of my favorite weeks of the year – the week between Christmas and New Years. The gifts are given, the cards are sent and the lists are checked-off. This is when I thoroughly enjoy the season – with nothing hanging over my head. Monday we’re going to go to Temple Square (pictured last year).  We’re going to enjoy a slower pace, more time to play, and more holiday food.

PS Happy Boxing Day to all you lucky folks who get to celebrate Boxing Day.


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    have a wonderful time this week! and YAY for Boxing Day which is also my brother's birthday. I always like to remind people about Boxing Day…considering they don't know about it around here. thanks for the cute christmas card! you guys are wonderful.

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    I so miss the temple square lights. We just moved away from utah and I don't miss a lot of things but I actually miss snow and the temple square lights. This is my favorite week, too. No commitments, no parties, just family.

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    We're heading to Temple Square tomorrow night as well! We have the grandson and a ride on Trax mixed with a ton of Christmas lights will be exactly what will make his little eyes light up!

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