Monday, December 27, 2010

Technical Difficulties

technical difficulties Why Is ESPN2 Experiencing Technical Difficulties With EPL Games?

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties here.

I wish I had some nice elevator music I could play for you.

Good news: I got my first ever ipod for Christmas! Yay!

Bad news: somehow downloading everything + my total technological un-savviness + a somewhat decrepit computer = very strange/non-functional behavior by said computer. (I am borrowing my husband's laptop tonight.)

But I shall return, hopefully soon.  And share the how-to's for the pre-Christmas bags and one of my new favorite quilts that I made as a surprise for my sister's family for Christmas. Yay!

In the mean time, please stay tuned. (And keep enjoying all those Christmas goodies you have stashed in various strategic hiding places. At least that's what I'm doing.)


  1. how did you know I have mint hershey kisses in my makeup drawer? :) Hope you had a nice Christmas! -Allison

  2. Santa needed to bring you a new computer with your iPod. Hope you get it working soon.

  3. Good luck with the technical difficulties! At least you'll have good music on the ipod while you're on hold with tech support.

  4. Hahahaaaa....I got my first too..a Nano....amazingly small...about the size of 4 chicklets!!:0
    I think I am going to have the same problems...old computer, no high speed internet=22+ hours download time! So my brother tried to put it on a disc for me...will see how that works!
    Yes, too many treats still around...will have take a load to work to put in the candy dish!

  5. Oh, I hope you get everything up and running soon! I can't wait for the how-to, those bags are SO sweet!

  6. Amy, you need a Mac!! They do a lot better for blogging - don't pick up as much crud in cyberspace......

  7. love that green and aqua bag, so cute. Good luck with the computer woes

  8. Get a Mac! You'll just love it and never look back! Love your blog...thank you!

  9. My mom is a quilter, and seeing your blog just melted my heart a little bit! I feel like quilters have some special ounce of patience that I don't understand. It is AMAZING!'re blog is so fun! :)


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