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Yesterday my 4-yr-old asked me if we were going to put up our Martin Luther King Day decorations. Sadly, the answer was “No, we don’t have any.” I promised him we’d work on that for next year. (Any suggestions?) But it did put me in the mood to make some February decorations.  Here’s the pile I’m starting with.

I’ve finally accepted the fact that I love Red. When someone asks my favorite color, I never say red. And yet I put it in most of my quilts, I have a red couch, I want to paint a wall in my family room red, my favorite flip-flops are red . . . I guess it must be true.  And I especially love red and white – always a classic combination. Never looks dated.  Avacado green or powder blue may come and go, but red always looks good.

I want to make some throw-pillows out of these fabrics. Both are Scandinavian.  Snoa Flinga from Ikea and red seersucker gingham from Denmark. Don’t they look happy to be together?
Besides red, I’m really digging all things Scandinavian lately. Remember the Norway quilt? See?  Ever since Aunt Spicy mentioned this book, I’ve had my eye on Scandinavian Needlecraft.
Scandinavian Needlecraft: 35 Step-by-step Projects to Create the Scandinavian Home
This book looks gorgeous. I think I’m just going to beak down and get it. 
And then I saw this book, Scandinavian Stiches. And now I can’t decide.  Anyone have these? Thoughts? Feelings? Recommendations? I’m in a quandary. Not that it’s life or death of course. But enough to paralyze me from just ordering one already. I know, I’m a weirdo.


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    Ditto!<br /><br />I always say my favorite color is PURPLE. But I have 2 red couches, a red wall, and red in almost every single quilt I have EVER made. I looooove red.<br /><br />I also have a red KitchenAid stand mixer and a red kettle. Yes, red.

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    I can&#39;t say red is my favourite colour, but like the commenter above, I have a red mixer and kettle! When people ask my favourite I tell them it&#39;s purple, but I think it&#39;s actually pink.

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    1. Love red. I think red gingham is its own color. I am changing my saturday plans to go to IKEA just cause of seeing your fabric.<br />2. I have both books! Haven&#39;t posted about Scandinavian Stitches yet. Totally different crafts in each…So far Scandinavian Needlecraft seems to have a larger variety of craft ideas…but I haven&#39;t made anything out of either…next on my too-do

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    I&#39;m the complete opposite! When I&#39;m asked my favourite colour, I always reply &#39;red&#39;, but there&#39;s almost no red in my quilts. I do wear pops of red though.<br /><br />I have Scandinavian Stitches and am dying to make something from it… when I have some free time for selfish quilting, I definitely will. Everything in that book is just lovely and adorable.

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    About the books – when I&#39;m not sure if I want a book to go in my library forever, I&#39;ll ask my local public library to order it if they don&#39;t already have it – that way they get some more current craft books, and I can look at the book for free and see if I want to own my own copy!

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    Did you know that &#39;red&#39; is the color we sell out of first at shows…is always wanted…and what we sell the most of. So I guess it is a lot of people&#39;s favorite. It can make a quilt pop!

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    For MLK Jr. decor, you could be a huge picture of my husband over your mantle and smaller pictures of my kids below! Or maybe a picture of my family! Yes, black and white together living happily! I never realized we decorate for MLK Day all year! Thanks AMY!!!!

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    For MLK, Jr. Day decorations, how about dreams? You could make little cloud cut-outs, as plain or fancy as you like, and have the family writed their dreams on them and post them around the house – dreams for yourselves, your family, your community, the world…whatever groups you want to feel a part of. Also a good way to start serious/not-so-serious conversations with the kids, maybe?

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    Red is my favorite color, but I don&#39;t always put it in my quilts. <br /><br />but i LOVE these fabrics you&#39;re showing off here. <br /><br />Love.<br /><br />I don&#39;t have either of those books, but I think I&#39;d go for the Scandanavian Stitches, as I&#39;m not much for the embroidery myself.

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    Following on from Michelle&#39;s idea – how about little clouds with phrases from MLK&#39;s famous speeches? then you could teach the values/lessons at the same time?

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    I was drawn to your post by seeing the thumbnail of the red fabrics on someone else&#39;s blogs I read list :) – So I am obviously a fan too.<br /><br />The decorations for MLK I thought even though it may be a bit kitsch you know the paper doll chains, well something like that, but with different colour dolls.

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    I think that for MLK Day decorations, just keep with a freedom theme. This could just mean incorporating some of your 4th of July decorations to celebrate freedom for everyone. Just a thought. <br /><br />Besides, it would be an excuse to use more red!

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    Because I hated being confined to one favorite color, I used to play a game with my daughter where every time she&#39;d ask me my favorite color I&#39;d have a new different one–or even a combination of colors. But in the last couple of years I&#39;ve realized that red is my favorite, so I just say that. And red and white is my favorite combination! Great minds. :) (It makes me want to go

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    Red is my fave as well! Several years ago, I got up the nerve to paint my living room red – Benjamin Moore – Autumn Leaf.. we love it! Anytime I speak of changing it, there are protests until I agree to leave it. Each room in our house has a little red somewhere. It was what attracted me most about your quilts I think -that and the aqua. I even purchased one of your kits because everytime I

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