Little table runner tutorial hits the big time!

I’m feeling kind of stoked.  Remember this humble little table runner tutorial?

You should check out the other 10. They’re all fabulous. And you’ll probably start to wonder why I’m mixed in with that bunch. I’m feeling the same way!  Thanks again Kari for the lovely honor. Made my day.
(And let me tell you a little story about that tutorial. I was feeling so discouraged about blogging last spring. I can’t really explain why – I just was. And I was ready to close up shop and just not blog anymore. I happened to exchange a couple of emails with Vanessa Christenson and she generously asked if I would be interested in writing a guest post tutorial.  So I said yes and thought, okay I’ll do this last thing, and then I’m done. Well that little project rebooted my blogging efforts. And I’m glad I’ve stuck around. My perspective on blogging has changed a lot since then and I’m a lot more at peace with it all. But that’s another post for another day. I should be in bed. My brain is in too deep a fog to try and explain anything coherently right now. Good night!)


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    Congrats! That is awesome. It's amazing how a little recognition at the right time can change everything. Now, if only my child could start giving me a few props now and then :o) Congrats again, you are amazing!

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    Ahh… What a sweet story! I'm glad you stick around, I really enjoy reading your blog. Congrats on the big recognition, you deserve it!

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    Congrats! I LOVE(!!!!) this runner!! I think I've made 6 of them now? Just finishing the binding on the last one; it is my favorite go-to quick gift.

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    Congratulations! I've only recently found your fabulous blog and being an amateur sewer I'm part way through your charm pack baby quilt tutorial. It's been fantastic – thank you so much. I'll try this table runner next! Thanks again, Kate

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    Congratulations!<br />I&#39;m really glad that you didn&#39;t stop blogging. I do enjoy read your blog altought sometimes I don&#39;t comment…sorry!<br />It&#39;s so important words of encouragement!

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    I love this runner. I&#39;ve used it to teach a friend to sew, made several for myself, and Christmas presents this year. <br />Thanks for sharing.<br />p.s. I love your blog. It has inspired me to pull out my sewing machine and sew more. As I tell my husband. . . I&#39;m happier when I sew a little each day. And he&#39;s good with that.

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    you sound so surprised! I linked to this tutorial for Ms. Muffin when she asked commenters to leave a favorite tutorial. So, you&#39;re on that top 100 list also!<br />You sparkle!!

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    That&#39;s great! Congrats!<br /><br />I&#39;m usually a lurker, but I decided to post a comment just to say that I&#39;m glad you stuck around as a blogger. I found your site from your series on Make and Takes, and I&#39;m now a subscriber even though I&#39;ve never sewed a stitch or even bought fabric. Maybe 2011 is finally the year that I fix that! Thanks so much for all that do!

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    Congrats! I&#39;m new to your blog, and a relatively new sewer. I just found this tutorial a few days ago and I love it, can&#39;t wait to make one! :)

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    I&#39;m so glad you decided to stick around! I made a couple of the table runners as Christmas gifts and just love that tutorial. Congratuations!

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    Good for you! I have admired this tutorial since I first saw it and I&#39;m still planning to try it! I&#39;m glad you&#39;re still around…because I appreciate your blog!

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    Congratulations! I made one for my mom and she loved it – I need to make one for myself now! I really enjoy your blog / posts – I am a new quilter and I love to see your projects!

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    How exciting! I&#39;m almost done with the runner I&#39;m doing from this tutorial and other than the fact that it&#39;s taking me forever, I&#39;m very pleased with both the tutorial and the runner. Congratulations! Do you have a Flickr group for people to share their projects they&#39;ve done from your tutes/patterns?

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    I love your runner and I am so glad it made the top 1o list. I am eagerly awaiting the next opportunity I have to go to JoAnns because I am making myself a table runner with your tutorial. Since I am a blogging newbie I am very glad you didn&#39;t stop blogging! Thanks for inspiring us!

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    Congrats! I love this table runner, and actually made my own spin on it by adding hot pad batting inside. That way it can be a hot pad as well as a table runner. I love all your great ideas!

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    AMY!!<br />I am so glad I stopped by to read this story!! I&#39;m so glad you have a new perspective on blogging and have stuck out the rough time! I&#39;ve been there and have almost quit 3 times…I guess there are ups and downs with anything we do huh? I realized I had to make blogging fun again or stop. So I decided to make it fun again!!<br /><br />I LOVE all of your projects and was

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    Congratulations on your award!! Totally deserved! I am a new sewer and made 2 table runners for Christmas gifts. I am so glad you kept blogging- I love your blog and check it all the time! Thanks for all your tutorials and help:) You are a blessing:)

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    Congratulations! I want you to know that I made your table runner over christmas. I made one just like your pattern out of my Christmas fabric scraps. Then I made two more incorporating some miscellaneous chrismas log cabin blocks that I had lying around. I gave the two with blocks away as gifts, but I kept the scrap one for myself. It was my favourite and I really love it. I am planning on

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    Congratulations!! And I&#39;m so glad you kept blogging! I enjoy stopping by. I&#39;m headed to check out your tutorial, I don&#39;t think I&#39;ve seen it!!

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    I am so glad that you didn&#39;t give up blogging last spring. Right after that is when I started following you, and I love your projects!! :)<br /><br />And congrats on the win, I think you totally deserve it!

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    Yay! I LOVE your table runner tute and plan on using it to make at least a dozen this year for gifts (and myself!). You totally deserve the honor…now, pat yourself on the back!

  22. Mariel says

    That is wonderful! It&#39;s a fantastic tutorial! I want you to know that I made one for myself and two of them as Christmas presents this year! My mother-in-law said she loved it so much she was going to keep it out all year! Glad you decided to keep blogging!

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    You must not realize how many things I&#39;ve copied off of your blog! I love your blog!! I have made your table runner several times, a few nine-patch quilts that you gave me the pattern for and I even copied your denim patch idea on my daughter&#39;s jeans! Keep them coming! I would miss you terribly.

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