Return of the Hexagons

  Remember my hexagons from last summer?
It’s okay if you don’t. It’s been a while. They were my new summer project and fetish for a time.  The perfect portable project for summer.
They even traveled with me across the US and back twice to New York (remember Hex and the City?) 
They have gone from this pretty pile. . .
. . .to finally being sewn together.  They were set aside for a bit while I finished other projects that had worked their way to the top of the ‘to do’ list like Halloween quilts, Christmas projects, etc.  But now that January is here, as well as the new season of Masterpiece Theater (my fav!) I was in need of a hand work project again.
There is still work to be done on the project, but it’s fun to see the progress.  I will probably appliqué the whole thing to some backing fabric and add some hand quilting as well. I’ve got many Sunday evenings ahead to listen to British accents and sew away.


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    Beautiful!<br /><br />I just finished the last episode of Doc Martin (speaking of British accents) on Nexflix last night and I don&#39;t know what I am going to move on to while I sew my hexes. I might have to try Masterpiece Theatre.

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    Your fabrics are fabulous, I see several of my favourites in there.<br /> <br />I&#39;ve recently developed a case of hexie love. Seems all I want to do these days is sit with my needle and thread.

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    Last year when you showed me your little bag of hexies I purchased some papers and have put together my own little plastic bag will travel but the really fun thing I did was put together a little sewing kit for my sister&#39;s bday last week and I included a bag of already cut out fabric and paper pieces…she wants to learn how to quilt and I thought this would be perfect while she was sitting

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    You go girl!! I want to like hexes, but alas I am unable to pay them much attention. Love looking at everyone else&#39;s though!!!<br /><br />Blessings,<br /><br />KT

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    I went through a hexie phase last summer. When I was done, I had to swear off hexies for a bit. Too much of a good thing. So I moved on to to-yo&#39;s.<br /><br />I do love your project. So nice and cheerful.

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    I just love that you are doing the rainbow thing with your hexies. I kind of come and go with my hexies. They are always nearby and handy, but sometimes the little stack of squares just sits there begging me start working on them again. Maybe Masterpiece Theater will work for me as well!

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    ooooh i love them! i honestly fell asleep last night thinking about hand-piecing some hexagons. I&#39;ve never tried it but have admired them on blogs here and there.

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    Gorgeous! I just found your blog through the Polka Dot Chair and can I tell you…I&#39;m in love with it! I can&#39;t wait to look around.

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    I&#39;m impressed that you can sew and watch Downton Abbey. I&#39;m not yet a skilled enough sewer to be able to split my attention like that. And I love how those hexagons are coming together.

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